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Learning Disabilities Services - Overview

Link to the Handbook for Students with Learning DisabilitiesHudson Valley Community College offers a variety of services for students with learning disabilities and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. The Learning Disabilities Specialist makes recommendations for services/accommodations on an individual basis.

The LD Specialist will:

  • Review your documentation and recommend accommodations;
  • Evaluate your diagnostic information to help you better understand your disability;
  • Help you prepare for your meetings with your advisor;
  • Help you obtain texts in alternate format;
  • Help you find note takers;
  • Work with the Center for Access and Assistive Technology to coordinate accommodations;
  • Work with the staff of the Learning Assistance Center to coordinate academic support services.

To access these services, students must complete the following four steps:

  • Provide recent documentation concerning the learning disability or attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, according to the guidelines;
  • Complete the registration and release form;
  • Schedule an intake meeting with the Learning Disabilities Specialist;
  • Meet with the staff of the Center for Access and Assistive Technology.

Services will be provided upon completion of the above steps. Once this is done, students will be offered a combination of services and reasonable accommodations based upon individual needs. Some accommodations are available only for learning disabled students. Other services that may be recommended are available for all Hudson Valley students.

Here is a checklist you can print out and use as you complete the process.

The Learning Disabilities Office is located in the Learning Assistance Center on the lower level of the Marvin Library Learning Commons.

Learning Disabilities Office
Marvin Library Learning Commons, Room 035


Doreen McGreevy
Technical Assistant
(518) 629-7274

If you have a medical, physical or psychiatric disability, please contact the Center for Access and Assistive Technology at (518) 629-7154 or TDD: (518) 629-7596.