Information Technology Services
Policies and Procedures

Blackboard Notification Procedure

Users = All Employees and All Students

Planned Shutdown

  • ITS will send an e-mail to Distance Learning and the Computer Learning Center explaining the need for a planned shutdown, documenting the selected time and duration for a planned shutdown. This will be done with as much advance notice as possible.
  • When the planned shutdown has been confirmed by the Distance Learning office, ITS will notify users of the planned shutdown by enabling the Scheduled System Downtime Module that will display a banner viewable on the Home Tab page of the portal. This will be done with as much advance notice as possible and will be removed upon restoration of services.

Planned Shutdown or Unplanned Outage

  • When there is an actual outage (either planned or unplanned), the following takes place automatically:
    • an error page indicating that Blackboard/MyHudsonValley Portal is currently unavailable will be presented to users attempting to access Blackboard/MyHudsonValley Portal through the links on the Hudson Valley Community College home page
    • an entry will be made in the Web Services Log recording the start time of the outage
    • an e-mail message will be sent to groups below and also be delivered to the pagers of all people in the Blackboard Information Technology Services group when there is a detectable failure:
      • CLC Help Desk
      • ITS     
      • Distance Learning
      • Web Site Editor

      The e-mail message will state the error page has been reached, indicating there is a detectable failure.

  • When the Computer Services representative signs in, the error page message changes to state that Computer Services is currently working to resolve the problem that caused the shutdown.
  • When Blackboard/MyHudsonValley Portal is restored (either planned or unplanned) the following will take place.
    • the responding ITS representative will enter the reason for the shutdown in the Web Services Log stating the reason for the outage and the time services were restored; the Web Services Log is viewable by all from link on the Home Tab
    • an e-mail message will be sent to those listed above stating Blackboard services have been restored

Extreme Slowness Issues/Unable to Login or Login Page Does Not Display

  • There can be several issues that cause this to occur without Blackboard/MyHudsonValley Portal actually being down and, therefore, not detectable. For example, users can still be logged in and working while others cannot reach the login page or cannot successfully login because of extreme slowness.

    Since our system only detects outages and cannot detect what is described above, any user experiencing this problem after hours or on weekends, should contact the Public Safety Office by calling (518) 629-7210.
  • The ITS person resolving the issue will make manual entries in the Web Services Log and the automated notification will occur as stated in the previous section.
  • An e-mail may be sent to by the Distance Learning Office stating there was a Blackboard/MyHudsonValley Portal outage. Recipients will be directed to view the Web Services Log for information and details.