Information Technology Services (ITS)

Access Network Shares Off Campus

You can now access files on HVCC network shares from off campus using the file transfer feature of Juniper SSL-VPN via any web browser. SSL-VPN will allow you to download files from your HVCC network share to your computer/mobile device. You can then make modifications and upload the file back to your HVCC share. You can also upload files from your computer/mobile device not originally on your HVCC share.

To use SSL-VPN, go to the following URL:

Screenshot of SSL Vpn Login

Enter your HVCC credentials in the spaces provided.

The following page will be displayed (please note, you may not see all drives that are listed in this image):

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 1.07.17 PM

Select The Home link under the files area.

The following will be displayed (these are the files on your H:\Drive).

screenshot of SSL Vpn files list

Downloading files:

Select any of the files listed and choose the Download button to download the file to your computer.

Clicking on the filename will download the file directly to your default Downloads folder on your computer.

If you select multiple files, you will be prompted to create a filename and the files will download in a compressed package (.zip) as shown below:

screenshot of ssl vpn multiple file download

Uploading files:

To upload files from you personal computer to your H:\ Drive, select the upload button. The following page will appear:

Screenshot of SSL VPN upload page

Select the Choose File Button. Select your file from the folder of your choice. Continue choosing files (up to 5 maximum at a time). When finished select the Upload link.

Please note this is not a Drag and Drop interface you must select each file you wish to upload.

If you have questions or problem using this interface, please email