Information Technology Services (ITS)

Campus Computer Log On Procedure

You will need an HVCC username and password to access computers on campus.

Your user name is defined as: the first initial of your first name, followed by a hyphen (-), followed by up to 13 characters of your last name (all lower case, no spaces or other special characters). Example Jane Smith’s username would be j-smith. If there is another student whose first initial and last name would create a duplicate username (like Joseph Smith), a number will be appended to the user name, so that Joseph Smith’s username would be j-smith1. Refer to your mailing from the college to determine your username.

Your initial password is a randomly generated nine character value. Refer to your mailing from the college to determine your password.

Click the arrow or press the Enter key on the keyboard to log in.

HVCC Log On Screen

HVCC Log On Screen

In order for the environment to build properly please DO NOT CLOSE ANY WINDOWS while the log on process is taking place. Closing windows prematurely will not give you access to your files on H: drive and/or printers. Wait for the Windows desktop to appear before proceeding.

You are allocated a minimum of 1 GB of storage space on H: drive which you are responsible to maintain.

Don’t forget to log off!

(Double click shortcut on desktop)

HVCC Log Off Icon

HVCC Log Off Icon