Information Technology Services (ITS)

Academic Computing Environment (ACE) Fact Sheet

The Academic Computing Environment (ACE) is the name of the system you log on to via any student computer on campus. Student computers are located in computer classrooms across campus, the Cyber Cafe located on the first floor of the Siek Campus Center, and the Computer Learning Centers located on the lower level and second floor of Marvin Library. You need a username and password to access the Academic Computing Environment (ACE).

Account Access: On Campus

Log on to the Academic Computing Environment (ACE) in any computer classroom or Computer Learning Center facility.

Your user name is defined as: the first initial of your first name, followed by a hyphen (-), followed by up to 13 characters of your last name (all lower case, no spaces or other special characters). Example Jane Smith’s username would be j-smith. If there is another student whose first initial and last name would create a duplicate username (like Joseph Smith), a number will be appended to the user name, so that Joseph Smith’s username would be j-smith1.

Your username is mailed to you at your address on file with the college. Refer to this mailing to determine your username.

Your password is a randomly generated nine character value.

Your initial password is mailed to you at your address on file with the college. Refer to this mailing to determine your initial password.

Change your password: You can change your password as often as you like. The format of your password must follow the established password format outlined at

Storage Space: Minimum of 1 GB personal storage space on H: drive. Each student has a minimum of 1 GB of server space to save files to. You have access to this space anywhere you log on, on campus. For most ACE applications, Save or Save As… will direct a file to the My Documents folder in your H: drive space. It is up to you to maintain this space. You may create folders to manage your files. Students should save files or create new folders at the root (/) level of their H: drive or save to the My Documents folder.

Software Applications: select the Start button; select All Programs to view all of the applications available. Microsoft Office 2013 Professional products (Word 2013, Excel 2013, PowerPoint 2013, Access 2013 and many others) can be found in the Microsoft Office 2013 menu (select the Start button, select All Programs, select Microsoft Office 2013).

Student Computer Systems

To access student computer systems - MyHudsonValley Portal/Blackboard, WebMail, WIReD - go to and click the Current Students link. Click the appropriate link and log in using the username and password described above under Account Access: On Campus.

  • MyHudsonValley Portal (Blackboard) - Check student announcements, access distance learning and web-enhanced classes, and other student on-line organizations.
  • WebMail - Web based email you can access via any web browser. Your first time logging in you will be directed to a ‘Setup your account for Hudson Valley Community College’ page. As directed type the characters you see and click the – I accept. Create my account – button. Your inbox will load. Please note that email attachments will not automatically be directed to your H: drive space when opened and/or saved. Be sure to redirect and save attached files to your H: drive space.
  • Print Services – Check PaperCut transaction history, recent print jobs, jobs pending release, add credit to your PaperCut account, and Web Print via HVCC wireless or remotely.
  • WIReD - Web-based system which gives Hudson Valley Community College students access to academic records and the registration process.