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Using Your Hudson Valley Community College Student E-mail

Your student e-mail account is hosted by Google Gmail. You must, however, login via the college’s authentication page as illustrated below. Point your browser to the Hudson Valley Community College

Step 1

Select the Students link in the upper right corner of the page.

Select Students Link

Step 1

Step 2

Select the WebMail link.

Select the WebMail Link

Step 2

Step 3

Enter your HVCC username and password in the spaces provided, then select Login.

Figure 2 - Login Screen Showing Username and Password Fields

Step 3

You will be authenticated and redirected to your HVCC Gmail account.

Accessing Your HVCC E-mail with Your Mobile Device

To use a mobile device to access your Hudson Valley Community College E-mail you must first, go to and set your Google Apps password.

Once your password has been set, you should follow the link on the Password Successful page to Google to configure your specific mobile device.

If you plan to access your HVCC E-mail via a web browser on your mobile device, you must use your HVCC username and password to log in and do not need to set a Google Apps password.


QR Code to password setup


Google’s Gmail Help

More Information

If you are unfamiliar with the Gmail interface, the following links will assist you with using your Hudson Valley Community College student email.