Information Technology Services (ITS)

OpenCOBOL on AcadNX


The OpenCOBOL compiler version 1.1 is installed on the system. This is generally accessed using the docs found here.


Once connected, you can use the gedit or emacs editor to write and save your program. Be sure to save the program with the .cob extension.


When you are ready to compile the program, simply run the command shown below. Keep in mind the $ is the prompt received when connected to Linux and you don’t type that.

$ cobc -o prog prog.cob

This produces an executable with the name prog using prog.cob as the source program.

Running the program

When you are ready to run the program, you can simply type the program name like so:

$ ./prog

The dot-slash that precedes the program name is used to indicate that the program is in the current directory. This helps to differentiate it from other program names that may already exist in the system.