Instructional Media Center (IMC)
Requests for New Media Purchases

The Instructional Media Center is always happy to purchase new media programs that support your department’s teaching/learning process.

ADA Policy
It is recommended by the college's ADA office and the senior media specialist of the IMC that you choose programs that are closed captioned in support of the college’s ADA compliance policy.

Before requesting the preview for purchase of any new media programs, please be sure to check the current media holdings in the IMC’s in-house media collection Media Catalog and the online media resources streaming media programs Online Media Resources to be sure we don’t already have that title or a similar one that content meets your teaching/learning needs.

Requests to order new media programs should be made through your department’s media liaison.

Your department’s media liaison will send the request to the IMC’s Instructional Media Specialist Lindsey Watson ( or (518) 629-7386). A face-to-face reference interview also may be requested with the Instructional Media Specialist to help determine the content needs and identify the program source.

When requesting the preview/purchase of a new media program, the original distributor’s flyer/catalog will be required by the Media Specialist to place the order with the requested product’s title highlighted.

When requesting multiple items for purchase, please itemize your purchase preference by numbering them. Please attach your name, telephone number, and the course or courses this new media program will support.

Timeline: Media programs should be requested one semester in advance of their anticipated use. Because of the lengthy process involved in purchasing media programs, the timeline from the initial request, to the program arriving on campus, and being set up for circulation takes an estimated minimum of eight to 10 weeks. Because of this timeline, media programs requested in the current semester should not be realistically expected to be available for use until the following semester. Whenever circumstances allow, the media program will be made available to you for use the same semester it is ordered.
*(It’s important to note that any CDROM like program that needs to be loaded on the computer, must be reviewed and cleared through Information Technology Services before the purchase goes forward.)*

Please refer to the list of the media distributors that the IMC frequently places orders with.