Community and Professional Education
Health and Wellness Institute
Did you know that your health is directly related to your current habits and behaviors?
Did you know that leading causes of death in the U.S. are directly related to what we decide to do, day in and day out?
Is your lifestyle putting you at greater risk?
If so, get ready to move—and improve— your life.

The Hudson Valley Community College Health and Wellness Institute is designed to meet the growing health demands of the people of the Capital Region by promoting preventative primary health education. Program emphasis will be on behavior and lifestyle changes, and personal choices.

Our program is designed to show you that you are the decisive element in your health. The Health and Wellness Institute will provide you with the supportive, motivating, nurturing, and safe environment necessary to gain the health knowledge, skills, and behaviors to begin living well.

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The Health and Wellness Institute will help you to:

• Identify your health problems
• Identify and create opportunities for change
• Provide opportunities for socialization
• Provide positive reinforcement of individual achievement
• Provide strong leadership
• Offer healthy role models
• Create and provide individual and group education
• Involve spouses and family
• Enhance your health status

The Health and Wellness Institute will offer classes in:

• Fitness for men and women 50+
• Weight management and fitness
• Stress management

Current course schedules are available here.

For more information, contact Jacob Silvestri, Ed.D. at the Health and Wellness Institute: (518) 629-7370.