Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic A.A.S.

Clinical Rotations

Students spend time in area hospitals and on paramedic units in the field. The clinical portion of the program is broken down into four components. EMSP 201 Clinical for Airway and Assessment is the introductory clinical course, which takes place in the emergency departments and operating rooms. EMSP 221 Clinical for Medical and Special Considerations takes place in various units through out the hospital, ranging from the emergency department to pediatrics and obstetrics.

Field internship time is divided into two courses. EMSP 230 Paramedic Internship allows the student to gain experience and practice procedures learned in the classroom and hospital setting. Students apply these procedures to the prehospital environment under the preceptorship of an experienced paramedic. EMSP 240 Final Evaluation Phase is the final evaluation phase of the internship program. During this phase, the student is evaluated and expected to perform as an entry-level paramedic.