Final Examination Schedule
  • The Fall exam schedule is generally available by the end of October.

  • The Spring exam schedule is generally available by the end of March.

Fall 2014 Final exams are scheduled for:
Monday Dec. 15
Tuesday Dec. 16
Wednesday Dec. 17
Thursday Dec. 18
Friday Dec. 19 (snow day)

Click here for the on-campus Fall 2014 exam schedule.

Click here for the TEC-SMART Fall 2014 exam schedule.

Final exams for evening and all other off-campus classes are scheduled as follows and will be given during the regular class meeting time:
Course regularly scheduled on: Exam will be on:
Monday Only Monday Dec. 15
Monday and Wednesday Monday Dec. 15
Tuesday Only Tuesday Dec. 16
Tuesday and Thursday Tuesday Dec. 16
Wednesday Only Wednesday Dec. 17
Thursday Only Thursday Dec. 18
Friday Friday Dec. 12
Saturday Saturday Dec. 13
Snow Date: Friday, Dec. 19

If a student is scheduled for multiple exams at the same time, it is the student's responsibility to contact the instructors to coordinate scheduling.

Should a cancellation occur, it is the responsibility of the student to contact the instructor to obtain any reschedule information.

  • Faculty Information
    Includes: Final FAQs; Role of Proctor; Proctor Table; Final Exam Pick up; and a listing of three-hour exams.