Capital District Educational Opportunity Center (EOC)
a division of Hudson Valley Community College
Technical Programs

The EOC’s technical programs provide both theory and hands-on practice in the fields of construction, maintenance, and welding. All programs include nationally recognized certifications that will enhance employability in today’s competitive job market.

The following technical programs are offered:

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Technical Programs


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Building Trades
The Building Trades program prepares students in the skills necessary for entry-level positions in the building construction field.

Skill areas include shop safety, electrical wiring, plumbing, dry wall, carpentry, painting and proper use of tools and machinery. Green applications, energy efficiency and special projects are incorporated into all aspects of this program as well as the practical experience for internal and external projects.

Technical Math is a component of the program. The Hudson Valley Community College Building Science online course is offered as an elective during the Building Trades program.

Successful completion of this program provides graduates with the opportunity to earn the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) construction-safety certification.

The Welding program prepares students in both theory and practice for the following types of welding: shielded metal arc, gas metal arc, gas tungsten arc, flux cored arc, pipe welding, stainless steel welding and aluminum welding.

Comprehensive training in flat, overhead and horizontal welding positions is provided. Hands-on instruction is emphasized with additional theory presented in workbook format.

This program prepares graduates for the New York State Department of Transportation 3/8” steel plate certifications and numerous American Welding Society certifications.

Successful completion of this program also provides graduates with the opportunity to earn the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) construction-safety certification.

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Welding Brochure

Welding Certification Upgrade
The Welding Certification Upgrade program is designed to provide EOC Welding Program graduates who have obtained employment or are working with EOC Employment Services to obtain employment and need recertification for the NYS DOT 3/8” steel plate certification or wish to obtain advanced American Welding Society certifications.

National Work Readiness Credential Exam Preparation
The National Work Readiness Credential Exam Preparation prepares individuals with the skills needed to prepare to pass the National Work Readiness Credential (WRC) exam.

Skills developed in program include the following: listening actively, speaking so others can understand, cooperating with others, solving problems, interpreting graphs and data, making decisions, observing critically, using math to solve problems and reading with understanding, all for use within a workplace environment.

Individuals who successfully complete all four tests of the exam receive a nationally recognized certification that demonstrates to prospective employers that they have the knowledge and skills needed to be a successful entry-level worker. The WRC exam is given on-site at the EOC.

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