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Spring 2014 Eight-week (Early Sprint) Classes
What does it mean to be a Viking?

Classes begin Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014
Classes end Friday, March 14, 2014

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CRN Subj Crse Sec Title Cred Days Time
34230BADM110420Legal & Ethical Env of Bus I3Online
35743BADM111420Legal & Ethical Env of Bus II3Online
32779ENGL115400Library Skills for Research1T R 2-2:50pm
35541ENGL115450Library Skills for Research1Online
35517FORM101420College Forum1Online
30003FORM102400College Forum1F 10-11:50am
34327FORM102460College Forum1W 9-9:50am
34573FORM102461College Forum1M 12-12:50pm
35475FORM104420College Forum1Online
33534FORM108462College Forum1R 11-11:50am
33536FORM108412College Forum1R 1-2:50pm
33541FORM108463College Forum1W 10-10:50am
33542FORM108400College Forum1R 10-11:50am
33545FORM108410College Forum1Online
33547FORM108466College Forum1R 10-10:50am
35067FORM108469College Forum1W 11-11:50am
35098FORM108480College Forum1M W 11-11:50am
36212FORM108460College Forum1M 12-12:50pm
35200HUSV105420Human Development & the Family3Online
34593HUSV109400Orientation to Field Work1M 12-1:50pm
34597HUSV109401Orientation to Field Work1W 4-5:50pm
32758HUSV115420Perspectives on Disability3Online
35496PHED100400Beginning Ice Skating0.5M 10-11:50am

This listing was last updated Oct. 9, 2013.
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