Women's Enterprise at Hudson  Valley Community College

2009 Scholarship Recipients

John G. Braungard
Pursuing an MBA at the University at Albany

John Braungard is an outstanding person and an outstanding employee. He is highly principled, hardworking, intelligent, compassionate and loyal. John is pursuing his Master's degree in Business Administration from SUNY Albany. He plans to complete the 45 credit hours required for this degree in just three years. John is always looking for ways to improve himself, in all areas. He is a good role model for his staff and sets and maintains a high standard. (Nominated by Debra Story.)

Stephen Lackey
Faculty, Computing and Information Sciences
Pursuing a Ph.D. at the University at Albany

Steve Lackey is a rare individual and has proven himself to be an outstanding, student-centered CIS faculty member. Steve continues to demonstrate a sincere concern for the student's and the college's welfare. Steve is enrolled in the Information Sciences Ph.D. program at the University at Albany and his comprehensive knowledge is apparent during my classroom observations. Steve is able to bring real world examples into the classroom and challenge his students to think and explore beyond their present experiences and capabilities.. (Nominated by James Looby.)

Mary Nelson
Principal Account Clerk, Cashier’s Office
Pursuing an Associate’s Degree at HVCC

Mary Nelson is an extremely hard worker and always willing to go the extra mile to accommodate a student’s needs. Mary returned to the classroom to earn a degree is Business Accounting after almost 25 years and after putting her four children through college. Mary's determination is evident in her grades. When Mary first began her classes, she seemed nervous about returning to school. She has been able to obtain a 4.0 Grade Point Average in the coursework she has taken on so far. (Nominated by Julie Guzy, Domenica Hall and Michael Radzyminski.)

Kristan Pelletier
Assistant Athletic Director
Pursuing a DBA in Business Administration at Northcentral University

Kristan Pelletier earned an MBA at the College of St. Rose with a 3.87 GPA. She is a certified personal trainer/nutrition advisor. Having started at Hudson Valley Community College in July 2008, she serves as a member of the Diversity Task Force Committee and has overseen the introduction of two new sports programs in her first eight months at the college. (Nominated by John Pelletier.)

Tamara Warika
Senior Clerk, Registrar’s Office
Pursuing an Associate’s Degree at HVCC

Tamara Warika is a mother, student and employee. She is a mom of two and full-time employee working toward getting a nursing degree. Anyone who is going back to school and working full time and trying to get a degree deserves this scholarship. Trying to make a living and support two kids and going to school is enough to nominate this person, who is kind and liked by all. (Nominated by Josephine Nicoll.)


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