Women's Enterprise at Hudson  Valley Community College

2008 Scholarship Recipients

Jerri S. Bayly
Senior Typist, College Academic Support Program
Pursuing an Associate's Degree at HVCC

"Jerri is an incredible asset to the CASP program. She is able to immediately connect with any student walking through our door, and puts them at ease, regardless of their situation. She is supportive of the student endeavors and offers valid suggestions and assistance that enable the students to achieve academic success. In addition to being a mother of three sons and working full-time in the CASP office, Jerri is currently working towards her associate's degree in early childhood development. Because she is "in the trenches" with the students, there's a camaraderie that further enhances her relationships with the students and academic departments on campus, keeping it all "real." Jerri exemplifies the spirit and commitment of HVCC in all that she does." (Nominated by Laura Skinner)

Sarah M. Boggess
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Pursuing an MBA at Union Graduate College

"Sarah is currently pursuing her MBA at Union College while juggling her full-time work responsibilities at HVCC (including directing the college's capital campaign, serving as the president of the HVCC Foundation, and coordinating the college's advancement activities) and raising two small children (in itself a full-time job). Her graduate academic performance has been excellent and I feel she is well-deserving of this scholarship in recognition of her efforts and to assist her as she works to complete her degree." (Nominated by Michael Green)

John G. Braungard
Pursuing an MBA at the University of Albany

"John is a loyal and conscientious employee. He is smart and industrious and he has done an outstanding job as Bursar both managing the office staff and business operations. I also particularly appreciate John's interpersonal skills. He works in an office that can involve challenging exchanges with students, and John's interactions are always professional. He is committed to personal and professional growth, and I would like to support him in that endeavor. John is a true asset to the college and our students. He is dedicated to his staff, our students and this institution." (Nominated by Debra Story)

Paul E. Calarco
Instructor, History, Philosophy and Social Sciences
Professional Development

"I am a new full-time faculty member, teaching sociology in the History, Philosophy and Social Sciences department. As a new faculty member I am unable to solidify funding without one year of tenure at HVCC. I hope to receive the award so I may be able to attend the 2008 American Sociological Association's annual meeting in Boston, MA. My participation at the 2008 ASA's annual meeting will make a significant contribution to my teaching. I am in the process of completing my PhD degree in Sociology at SUNY Albany and I am now teaching (pre-tenure) full-time at Hudson Valley Community College. To be a dynamic professor I strive to improve my pedagogical techniques and to stay current within the discipline; my attending the ASA meeting would allow me to continue along this path." (Nominated by Paul E. Calarco)

Thomas Gardner
Senior Electrician, Grounds Department
Pursuing a Bachelor's Degree at Empire State College

"Tom is a very knowledgeable and dependable employee and can demonstrate a calm demeanor in an emergency situation on campus. In addition to his full-time job, he serves as an evening adjunct instructor in the Electrical Construction and Maintenance Department. It is in the classroom where Tom displays his talents for teaching. He brings "real world" expertise to the classroom blending his technical skills with teaching. Tom Gardner's aspiration is to become a full-time instructor at Hudson Valley Community College. The balance of maintaining a household, working a full-time job, teaching part-time and pursuing his Bachelor's degree demonstrates a strong commitment to fulfilling his career goal as an instructor." (Nominated by Robert Bornt)

Andrew J. Hurd
Instructor, Computing and Information Sciences
Pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Albany

"Andy Hurd is a truly rare individual and an outstanding HVCC CIS faculty member. This past year, in addition to his exemplary instruction and institutional involvement at HVCC, Andy taught 2 courses for the University of Albany's Accounting Graduate School thereby satisfying his status as UAlbany Visiting Faculty. Despite this heavy workload, Andy continues to put Hudson Valley, its students, its programs and its various constituencies first. He has volunteered his time mentoring faculty on behalf of the CET. He has served on several committees including the Academic Senate's Curriculum Committee. He has worked with 7th and 8th graders over the summer in HVCC's Technology Camp and has donated his time to 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders at Blue Creek Elementary School. The College could not have a better representative in the community." (Nominated by James Looby)

Rachel S. Josil
Counselor, Continuing Education
Pursuing her Master's Degree at Russell Sage College

Rachel has been working tirelessly for 4 years to complete her master's degree from Russell Sage College, while working full-time. She was accepted into the Master of Arts program for Community and Counseling Psychology in the Fall 2004. Her degree will lead to licensing as a Mental Health Counselor. Rachel has put an enormous amount of time and energy into pursuing this degree. She has not compromised her job or her outside volunteer commitments (which are equally time-consuming). I don't know where she has found the minutes to do all she does but when she's at work as a Counselor in the Continuing Education Office she is here 100%." (Nominated by Linda Pelosi)

Jill Palmer-Wood
Associate Professor, Civil, Construction, Industrial and
Mechanical Technologies
Pursuing a Master's Degree at Boston Architectural College

"Jill is an invaluable member of my department. She continues do demonstrate active participation in higher learning. She has been instrumental in the development of the Building Analyst program through work force development and is the first women BPI certified trainer in New York State. She is currently attending a college in Massachusetts online to obtain her masters degree in green build. She is an active member in the USGBC council and AIA council. She has worked steadily with me to develop our now new and exciting Architectural Program. She continues to pursue articulation opportunities through several schools to assist our students in higher learning potential. She is an excellent advocate for the college and the program and participates fully in the department. She does all this and maintains an aggressive overload each semester. I can think of no one else who deserves this scholarship and opportunity." (Nominated by Christine LaPlante; also by Craig D'Allaird, Christopher Dennis, and F. Peter Tolcser)

Rosanne Raneri
Adjunct Instructor, Fine Arts, Theater Arts and
Broadcast Communications
Pursuing a Master's Degree at Empire State College

"Rosanne truly exemplifies the spirit of WE@HVCC. She teaches Acting Courses I & II, she is an advisor to the Theatre Club and directs theatre productions. In her private life, Rosanne sings and has released her own CD. For many years, she has been the soloist at Student Honors and Commencement leading the convocation in the National Anthem and the Alma Mater. She also has been providing entertainment for the Faculty Honors Convocation. One colleague speaks of Rosanne as the kind of person 'after you meet her, you feel happier to be alive.' Rosanne is a true jewel on the Hudson Valley Community College campus and truly deserving of this award!" (Nominated by Joan Russo)


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