Election of Officers

Election of officers will take place each fall for a term lasting one year. Students wishing to run for office must be full-time and matriculated, and may not be on probation. In the event of a vacant position at the beginning of a new semester, a secondary election may be held.

Upcoming Elections
Elections for the academic year 2013-2014 will take place during the first weeks of the Fall 2013 semester. New officers will be announced at our Welcome Back reception on September 9th. Our officers worked hard this past year to move our chapter forward and achieve three star status at the end of 2012. Elected officers will have the opportunity to become part of bringing our chapter even further as we strive to acheive five star status!! Please contact an advisor if you wish to run for office.

Current Officers

Chapter Officers:
President: Devin Brady
Vice President for Membership: Evan Snow
Vice President for Public Relations: Joanne Aclan
Secretary/Treasurer: Jenna Brophy

Officer Responsibilities

Duties: Preside over all meetings; Appoint and establish any necessary committees; Serve as ex-officio member on all committees; Present business to the organization; Represent the organization at all times; Appoint a committee to review and/or revise the chapter bylaws annually; Appoint a committee to prepare the Annual Report to be sent to Headquarters each spring. The President may vote only in the case of a tie.

Vice President for Membership
Duties: Perform all duties of the President in his/her absence; Take roll at meetings; Coordinate all committees; Head the committee reviewing the chapter bylaws and the annual report; Act as program chairman.

Vice President for Public Relations
Duties: Keep a full record of chapter functions; Draft and submit press releases whenever possible to all area newspapers; Assist in the maintenance of the chapter website; Submit to Regional Coordinator and Headquarters reports of chapter activities and Five-Star Chapter Update forms.

Duties: Coordinate all fund-raising efforts; Keep a set of books which shall be audited by the chapter advisor and notarized before the office is relinquished; Make a report of finances at each business meeting; Take and read minutes of meetings; Maintain records of the meetings; Maintain a file of chapter correspondence; Serve on the committee to prepare the Annual Report to be sent to Headquarters each spring.