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Content Editor – Clear Formatting Tool


Copying and pasting into Blackboard can be very handy but at the same time it can cause issues. For example copying and pasting from Microsoft Word into Blackboard often brings along some behind the scenes code which is intended for print processing. When pasted into the Blackboard content editor it can confuse the browser from reading the HTML code properly. The end result is often a broken page display in Blackboard, broken assignment submission, broken discussion board post, etc.

The same can happen when copying and pasting from web pages. In these cases, you are bringing behind the scenes HTML code that interferes with the code for Blackboard and again confuses the browsers and the end result is a broken page or something else.

The new Content Editor (Text Editor) in Blackboard now has a “Format Cleaner” which allows you to copy content and clean up any residual code in the background. You can then format the text as fit using the tools provided for the Content Editor. Additionally, if you have text that isn’t formatting the way you like you can remove the formatting easily by using the Format Cleaner.

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