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Exploring the Blackboard Course Environment


Accessing Your Courses or Organizations

To access a course or organization, you select the Course/Organization Title. You will then be taken to the course/organization entry page.

Course/Organization List - select the title to open

Blackboard Course Interface

Course Environment

Course to Course Navigation

When navigating to a new area or page within Blackboard, only the material in the content frame changes. The tabs and header frame remain static so that they are always available for quick access to navigation features. To navigate between courses, you can use the Home tab, MyPage tab, Global Navigation menu, or the course-to-course navigation feature (select the arrow next to the House icon to open a menu window).

Course to Course Navigations

Course Entry Point: Announcements

Most often your course entry page will land on the Announcements page. The announcements page often displays timely and important course information from your instructor.  The most recent posts appear first in the list. To make sure you are not missing any older posts select View All which will display all available course announcements. You may also access the Announcements page from a link on the course menu.

Announcements page

Course Entry Point: Course Dashboard – Module Page

A module page is another option available as a course entry point. The module page may be named differently in each course, such as Course Dashboard, Home Page, etc. This page consists of various types of content modules. Content modules are boxes that display related data and/or links to other content within the Blackboard environment. Such as Announcements, Tasks, What’s Due, To Do, etc. These modules are set up by your instructor for your course. You may also access the module page from a link on the course menu.

a Course Dashboard page

Navigating: Course Menu

The course menu appears on the left side of any course and consists of links to course materials and tools. You use the course menu to navigate through the course by selecting the links or buttons provided by your instructor. Instructors can customize the course menu by choosing to use Text or Button links. They can also change the color scheme of the text and button displays.

The course menu can also be displayed in a new window that uses a Folder Tree view by selecting the Display Course Menu in a Window icon located at the top of the course menu. The folder view uses collapsible folders to access course materials and tools. You can use the Collapse All icon to hide contents of folders or use the Expand All icons to view the contents of folders.

Also available from the course menu is a Blackboard page Refresh icon. This Refresh tool just refreshes a Blackboard page within a course.

Examples of Course Menu Displays

Navigating: Bread Crumb Trail

The Breadcrumb Trail consists of links that display a navigation path to a specific page (location in a course). The breadcrumb trail appears at the top of a course page and can be used to go back to previous course pages. Using the breadcrumb trail you can quickly navigate back to section of the course without having to start the whole navigation process from the beginning.

For example, you are within the Online Lectures folder of Module 1 and you now want to quickly return to the main Module 1 folder. Just select the Module 1 link from the breadcrumb trail, it will save you from extra clicks.

Breadcrumb Trail


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