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Exploring the MyHudsonValley Portal/Blackboard System


The MyHudsonValley Portal/Blackboard

The MyHudsonValley Portal is your gateway to the Blackboard Learning Management System giving you access to courses, organizations, college resources, and more. Because the Portal/Blackboard system is a secured web-­‐based environment you are required to log in and out each time you access it.

You can access Blackboard and other systems by going to: http://www.hvcc.edu/students and then select the MyHudsonValley Portal/Blackboard link. Once at the log in screen enter your username and password (it’s the same for all HVCC computer systems).

Login page

The first time you log in you may see a Welcome screen, select Close to navigate to the Blackboard Home page.

Log in Welcome screen

Navigating the MyHudsonValley Portal/Blackboard System

When you first log into Blackboard you are taken to the Home tab, from here you can see modules for your course list, organization list, student announcements, online learning resources, and more.

Note: You will not see the course(s) you are registered for until the start date of the term you are registered for.

The Support & Training Tab

The Support & Training tab takes you to a student support page where you can find tutorials and more for online courses, and using Blackboard.

Support and Training tab - Get Help


The Library tab takes you to the Hudson Valley Community College Library page where you can search for resources, and so much more.

Library tab - takes you to the library page

The MyPage tab

The MyPage tab allows you to customize your Blackboard experience. Since we can’t alter the Home tab course/organization list you can use this tab to set-­up and customize which courses and/or organizations are displayed to you. You can also choose to display other Blackboard tools and content items on this page. For more information on customizing the page, go here.

My Page tab - a Customizable page

The Resources Tab

The Resources tab contains links to many college resources and more; such as: Finding Success–A Guide for Students, Student Resources, Learning Resources, Let’s Go Vikings! (sports and such), Documentation, and more.

Resources tab - access to college resources and more

The Community Tab

The Community tab is similar to the courses tab. It contains a list of all the organizations you are a participant in. You can also search for organizations you would like to join. Some organizations you can self enroll in, while others require a code or appear automatically through programming.

Community tab - Access and Search Organizations


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