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Navigating “My Grades”


About the My Grades Page

The My Grades page displays grade information for each quiz, test, assignment, discussion board, etc. Along with a due dates (if used by the instructor), student activity, instructor activity, the grade received, possible points and any provided feedback or comments.

The page is broken down into four categories.

My Grades display

Viewing Feedback

To view results and feedback provided by your instructor:

Symbols for My Grades

Symbol Description
 Null icon OR Null icon with points possible The Null icon (dash). Item has not yet been completed. No information is available.
 Complete icon The Completed icon (green check mark). Item has been completed but will not be given a grade (for items such as surveys).
Needs Grading icon The Needs Grading icon (yellow circle with white exclamation mark). Item has been submitted but needs to be reviewed or graded by the instructor.
Attempt In-progress icon The Attempt in Progress icon (paper with pencil). This item has not been submitted. If the icon continues to appear, it may mean the assessment has been saved, but not submitted. Return to the assessment and try to submit again. If you cannot access the assessment, contact your instructor for instructions.
Comments icon The Comments icon (call-out balloon). Indicates that there are some quick comments provided by the instructor for this graded item.
Graded item If a grade (number or letter) displays, then the item has been graded. Select the title of an assessment/assignment to access the Attempts page, from here select grade value under the Calculated Grade column to view results and any feedback available.Attempt Details - select the number to view results, etc

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