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Mac Users: Copy and Paste from a Document to Blackboard


If you are only typing a couple of lines, composing it within Blackboard will likely be fine. However, if you are typing several paragraphs of text such as for tests, discussion board posts, or emails, we recommend that you compose text using TextEdit program. This allows you to utilize the inherent tools such as spell check and also to save a copy of your work on your own hard drive.

If you have text that’s within a Microsoft Word document you will want to save the document in Rich Text Format and then Open in WordPad and save again before copying and pasting into Blackboard. Doing this will ensure that all Microsoft Word formatting code (that’s designed for printing) is removed so the text will display properly for the web environment.

Once you have composed and saved your composition in your word processing program it becomes a matter of moving the material to Blackboard. The easiest way to do this is to have both your word processing program and a browser window (i.e. Safari, Firefox, etc.) logged into Blackboard open.

Video Tutorial: Cut, Copy and Paste on a Mac

  Important Tip! We recommend using Keyboard Shortcuts, they work better when copying and pasting into Blackboard.

Important Tip!
You can use the copy and paste method in any area of Blackboard. Blackboard also provides many tools for formatting within the text box editor areas.

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