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Online Test Taking Tips


The Test feature in Blackboard allows instructors to set specific settings to deliver the assessment. Such as: single or multiple attempts; specific date and time settings; timed and/or password protected. A test might display a single question at a time or may offer the ability to stop and save, resuming it where you stopped. Other exams may be configured so questions are pulled in random order from a question pool.

Contact your instructor a head of time if you have any questions about the test format.

Before Starting the Test

Technical Recommendations

During the Test

What to do if I Encounter a Problem

Internet Technology is not problem-free. It’s possible that at some point you may encounter a problem while taking or submitting a test, despite following the tips provided:

Contact your Instructor. As soon as you encounter a testing problem it’s best to open up communications with your instructor. Provide as much information as possible to your instructor when you contact them. In a case where test responses have been lost or you are unable to re-access a test, the decision about how to proceed is ultimately up to the instructor. Most faculty will include general information about their course policies related to online testing in the class syllabus. If you are in doubt contact your instructor for information.

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