New Hudson Valley students may need advisement on what courses to take to fulfill their academic and career goals. Students with limited mathematics and chemistry background in high school are advised to take some basic chemistry classes and college level mathematics classes if they wish to pursue the sciences further in college.

Courses without prerequisite high school chemistry or mathematics background
CHEM 095 Essentials of Chemistry
CHEM 105 Introductory Chemistry I

High school chemistry is recommended for the following course:
CHEM 130 Biochemistry

High school chemistry and prerequisite/corequisite courses in mathematics are required for the following courses:
CHEM 100 General Chemistry/Health Sciences
CHEM 110 General Chemistry I
CHEM 111 General Chemistry II
CHEM 115 Physiological Chemistry
CHEM 120 Freshman Chemistry I
CHEM 121 Freshman Chemistry II
CHEM 205 Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 210 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 211 Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 230 Integrated Laboratory

For further questions about courses, please contact the Department of Biology, Chemistry and Physics at (518) 629-7407.

No High School Chemistry or Mathematics Necessary

Please note that the CHEM 105 in the "no high school chemistry or mathematicy necessary" category may transfer as an elective.

Non-major's college chemistry course with lab:

CHEM 105 Introductory Chemistry An overview of chemistry with an interdisciplinary focus.

Preparatory course for those not ready for an allied health major, or needing a science with lab course:

CHEM 100, General Chemistry/Health Sciences A general chemistry course with emphasis on the relevance to the health sciences. It is useful for those needing a college level chemistry course prior to entering an allied health major. It is not recommended for pre-PA students or as a substitution for CHEM 110, General Chemistry I.

High School Chemistry or College Chemistry Recommended

Non-major three credit course in science (no lab):

CHEM 130, Biochemistry An overview of the principles and concepts of biochemistry. Previous college level chemistry course work regents level high school chemistry is recommended.

High School Chemistry and Prerequisite/Corequisite Mathematics Required

A year of college level general chemistry that is appropriate to those planning to major in chemistry or pursue upper level chemistry courses at a transfer school, and that is accepted by all schools:

CHEM 110 and 111, General Chemistry I and II The general chemistry sequence most appropriate for future study in chemistry and science major programs.
CHEM 120 and 121, Freshman Chemistry I and II The chemistry sequence designed for future study in the engineering science field. It is accepted as a transfer course for future study in chemistry and science major programs.

Upper-level chemistry courses for those majoring in Chemistry. These courses should be accepted as second-year level courses by most institutions (but check for their individual requirements):

CHEM 210 and 211, Organic Chemistry I and II Suitable for science and engineering majors.
CHEM 205, Analytical Chemistry A laboratory and lecture course covering special procedures in chemistry with an emphasis on quantitative analysis in the laboratory.
CHEM 230, Integrated Laboratory A course for chemical technology majors.