Department Tour  

These are students in our Biology for Majors Laboratory, located in room 310 of Amstuz Hall. They are looking at prepared plant tissue slides in order to familiarize themselves with the different stages of cell division. Students looking through the microscope in the laboratory
This is the General Biology Laboratory, located in room 316 of the Fitzgibbons Health Technologies Center. Dr. Jeff Thompson is teaching his Biology of the Human Organism students about muscle contraction. Dr. Jeff Thompson and students looking through a microscope in lab.
Right outside of Fitzgibbons Center rooms 320 and 321 is our friend Andrea. Andrea is a museum-quality anteater specimen prepared by a taxidermist. As far as it can be determined, Hudson Valley is the only campus in the United States lucky enough to have such a display. Most anteaters live in savannas and swampy areas of Central and South America. Andrea often is mistaken for an aardvark. Anteaters do not have teeth, are nocturnal, have a prehensile tail, live in trees and usually have a cream and black coat.  Aardvarks live in Africa, have teeth, live on the ground and usually have a solid brown coat. Mr. Harold Fox gave Andrea to Hudson Valley in April 1973. At that time, Mr. Fox owned Fox's Petting Zoo in West Sand Lake, NY, Andrea's residence before her death. Andrea, the anteater, in a glass case in the Fitzgibbons building

The study area at the end of the third floor laboratory area provides a nice space to relax with a beautiful view of the Hudson Valley.

View looking out the third floor window of the Fitzgibbons building
This display case on the third floor of the Fitzgibbons Center includes fossil records of different species  as well as a wood turtle research project and various vertebrate zoology projects. Display case with fossils and research project data
The Technical Services Department is located on the third floor of the Fitzgibbons Center (FTZ 337).  Tech Services provides the technicians who prep the laboratories for the biology department. At the window below, biology students can sign out molecular model kits for lab, and chemistry glassware as well!  You will need a sign out-slip and your Hudson Valley Community College ID to sign out materials. They also sign out lockers for any place on campus.
Image of Technical Services Department window Image of student at the Techincal Services Department window