Community Outreach

The Biology Department at Hudson Valley Community College makes an effort to reach out to the community to share learning experiences in the natural sciences. One example is the "Molecular Biology for High School Students" program, which provides a hands-on molecular biology experience for motivated high school students.

Biotechnology for High School Students

The fifth "Molecular Biology for High School Students" Program was held on three Saturdays in January and February 2002.  This program provided a hands-on molecular biology experience for motivated high school students.  The course began with a discussion of measurement and micropipetting and DNA structure and the students performed a DNA restriction digest. The second session contained the theory behind electrophoresis and the pouring, loading, running, and staining of electrophoretic gels.  During the third session, students analyzed their restriction digest, and discussed the recent use of DNA technology in "fingerprinting" suspects for court cases. Also, students discussed the gel electrophoresis of a forensic simulation and wrapped up with an overview of the mini-course. Twenty students from Rensselaer County high schools were chosen to participate based upon their applications and teacher recommendations.

The participants included students from:

  • Averill Park Central School
  • Catholic Central High School
  • Columbia High School
  • Emma Willard
  • Hoosick Falls Central School
  • Hoosick Valley Jr./Sr. High School
  • Lansingburgh High School
  • Rensselaer High School
  • Tamarac High School
  • Troy High School

We hope to be able to offer this program again and are encouraging all interested high school students in Rensselaer County high schools to apply.

Contact your science teacher for an application!