128 Bit Browser Requirements

In order to view the class schedule pages, your browser must have 128 bit cipher strength encryption.

You can check your browser's security level, and if needed, upgrade to 128-bit security using the suggestions below:

Microsoft Internet Explorer Users:

  1. From the Internet Explorer menu, click Help, then select About Internet Explorer. The About Internet Explorer dialog box appears.

  2. You can see what version and security level of Internet Explorer you are using. The security level is indicated beside Cipher Strength. If Cipher Strength does not show 128-bit, you must upgrade.

  3. Click the link Update Information beside the Cipher Strength information, or you can directly visit the Microsoft Internet Explorer 128bit download Site.

  4. The Internet Explorer Web site opens. If you are not automatically directed to the page containing update downloads, use the links on the site to navigate there.

  5. What you should download depends on your version of Internet Explorer. For example, for Internet Explorer version 5, download Internet Explorer 5.01 Service Pack 1 to get 128-bit security. Please use the information on Internet Explorer's Web site to determine the appropriate upgrade for your system.

  6. Follow the instructions from Internet Explorer to download and install the upgrade to your computer.

Netscape Navigator Users:

  1. From the Netscape Navigator menu, click Help, then select About Communicator. Information about your current version appears. In order to have 128-bit security, you must have Netscape version 4.51 or higher. (Version 4.51 is sufficient to get 128-bit security.)

  2. If you need to update Netscape, from the Netscape Help menu, if Select Updates is available, select Select Updates. The Netscape Web site opens to a page enabling you to select and download the upgrade you need, or you can directly visit the Network Communicator Software Upgrade Download Site.

  3. Select the appropriate download for your system and follow Netscape's directions to download and install it.

America Online Users:

  1. America Online requires that you have Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0 or later to upgrade to 128-bit encryption. You can either perform a partial upgrade of version 5.0 to 128-bit encryption, or a full upgrade of an earlier version to version 5.0 with 128-bit encryption, using the same basic process.

  2. To determine your current security level, on the AOL Main Toolbar bar click on the Keyword Tab.

  3. When the keyword box appears key in the phrase 128 browser and hit enter.

  4. A browser upgrade box should appear and tell you what level you are at.

  5. If your security level is not at 128 bit SSL (highest encryption) you must follow the instructions to upgrade your browser.