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Initiatives Supported by the Foundation in 2008-09

  • $295,238 disbursed to 419 students for scholarships
  • $129,628 disbursed for non-scholarship restricted fund initiatives, including:
    • $69,145 for the MetLife Community Colleges and Pathways to Student Success Fund;
    • $10,000 to purchase simulation manikins;
    • $8,694 for the National Grid Line Worker Program;
    • $8,004 to support humane education efforts;
    • $5,885 for training and equipment for the DaimlerChrysler capstone project;
    • $4,863 for the purchase of equipment in the nursing skills lab;
    • $4,657 to support the college’s athletic programs;
    • $4,000 to support the college’s fine arts teaching gallery;
    • $3,310 for the Capstone Project;
    • 2,238 to support the Mortuary Science program;
    • $1,021 to support the college’s Library; and
    • $400 to assist students facing emergency situations.
  • $103,366 disbursed for Support of College Initiatives, including:
    • $50,000 for the TEC-SMART (Training and Education Center for Semiconductor Manufacturing and Alternative and Renewable Technologies) Initiative;
    • $13,867 for pedestal maps and other campus beautification projects ;
    • $13,050 for Presidential Honors Scholarship;
    • $9,500 to support the Biology, Chemistry and Physics programs;
    • $5,000 for Recycling Bins;
    • $4,000 to assist students facing emergency situations;
    • $3,000 to support the Business Department Student Award Fund; and
    • $2,500 to purchase Caldecott Medal winners for the Early Childhood Education Program.
  • $568,817 in non-monetary gifts to the college, including:
    • A 3-D ultra sound machine valued at $150,000  from Ellis Hospital;
    • Automotive training equipment valued at $134,870 from Chrysler Training Center;
    • Computer estimating software valued at $90,096 from Joe Arena Software;
    • Automotive training equipment, tools and vehicles valued at $68,016 from General Motors and GM/Raytheon;
    • Equipment used in the MFT program valued at$53,500 from Hass Allendale;
    • Two ultra sound machines valued at $16,000 from the Vascular Group;
    • Equipment valued at $10,000 from Simmons Machine Tool Group;
    • A baby grand piano valued at $8,500 from Mr. Douglas Baldrey;
    • Printers valued at $8,393 from Hewlett Packard;
    •  Equipment valued at $7,743from Dorsey Metrology International;
    • Various testing tools used in the Engineering programs valued at $5,027 from Atlantic Testing;
    • A radical 7-screen monitor used in the Respiratory Care program valued at $5,000 from Masimo; and
    • A HINE robot valued at $5,000 from SUNY Albany.

Fiscal Year 2008-09 dollars raised:

Investment Growth
$2,838,721 net of fees for investment growth

Investment portfolio as of August 31, 2008: $3,128,002*
Investment portfolio as of August 31, 2009: $2,838,721 
Investment loss: ($289,281) 

*Investment portfolio as of August 31, 2008 was incorrectly stated in the 2008 Report to the Community.