Faculty and Staff

The Switchboard at Hudson Valley Community College is in operation from Monday through Thursday during the school year from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., and from 7:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. on Friday. When the Switchboard is closed, there are some offices on the main campus which may be reached by dialing directly: Continuing Education, 629-7338; Health Office, 629-7468; Library, 629-7336; Maintenance, 629-7356; Security, 629-7210.

The switchboard is a service area which is very vital to the running of the college. It is very important that the board be able to answer as many incoming calls as possible. To that end, we should assist them by utilizing the phone system to its fullest capacity. We appreciate your taking the time to forward your calls, notifying the switchboard when you are leaving your office for a long period of time, looking up extensions in the telephone directory yourself instead of calling the operator, and utilizing the features of the telephone system. With your help, we will be able to more efficiently provide a much needed service to the college.

Q. I'm new here. How do I learn the telephone system?
A. Instructions are included in the "On Campus" telephone directory which is distributed at the beginning of each semester.

Q. How do I make a long distance call?
A. There are some telephones with long distance access. If you have this feature you may dial your long distance calls directly. If you do not have this feature, you should go to your Department Chairperson's office to make your call (The Switchboard is not permitted to make long distance calls.) Because of college policy we are not allowed to accept collect calls to departments.

Q. What should I do if I will be away from my office for some time?
A. If at all possible, please transfer your calls during the day to another person. If not, voice mail will handle your calls if you are away from your office. Please advise your callers of this and put a temporary voice mail message on. Example - I am at a seminar for the day and will return at 3:30 p.m. You may also notify the switchboard if you will be away from the office for a longer period of time. This also helps satisfy callers. The switchboard operators need this information to assist you and not for their personal information.

Q. How do I have my name listed in the Campus Telephone Directory?
A. Your name, location, extension number, job title and department will automatically appear in the next published directory after your date of hire. The information is taken directly from your personnel data file. If you find an error or if you are not listed, contact Human Resources on ext. 4552 for assistance with name, job title and department changes. Please contact Carol Dillon at the switchboard for changes in location, and ext. #.

Q. If I'm not here to answer my phone will the switchboard operator take messages?
A. NO. We are sorry but because of the volume of incoming calls our operators have to handle, it would be impossible for them to take messages for people when they are not in their offices. Callers may leave voice mail messages for you when you are out of the office or if your line is busy. During business hours, calls should be forwarded to a knowledgeable person who can take messages for you.

Q. Who do I contact if my phone doesn't work?
A. If your phone service is interrupted for any reason, go to a working telephone, and contact Dave Quell on ext. 7237 or by e-mail d.quell@hvcc.edu. You should also contact the switchboard to advise our operators that your phone is not working so that calls will not be put through to your extension until your telephone has been repaired.

Q. What do I do in case of an emergency?
A. The number to dial in the case of an Emergency is ext. 7100. This number is to be used only in an extreme emergency, it is not for normal use! Other numbers are listed in the Campus Telephone Directory. There are also emergency telephones located throughout the campus to be used in case of emergency.

Q. If any information about my status or telephone information changes, should I let the switchboard know?
A. YES. If your extension number, title, room number, or name changes, please advise the switchboard immediately so that they will be able to contact you when someone calls. This information must also be sent to Human Resources.

Voice Mail

Voice Mail is now available to all employees.  To activate voice mail please contact Carol Dillon, our Voice Mail System Manager, at 629-7825 for a start-up access code.  If you have any problems or questions, she will be glad to help you.  You also have an Octel Quick Reference Guide and our voice mail booklet to help you. If you don't have them, please contact Carol at the number above and she will send you the information.

To Set Up Your Voice Mail Box

  1. Call the Voice Mail System Manager at 629-7825 to put your extension into the system. A temporary access code will be assigned to you. You may keep this number or change it.
  2. If you are on campus, dial 8088. When you hear the greeting, carefully listen to the prompts and follow the steps. When it asks you to enter your mailbox number, it is your extension. If you share a telephone, you will have to enter the "6000" mail box number that is assigned to you. When it asks you for your code you may use one assigned to you by the Voice Mail System Manager or change it. Then, listen to the tutorial to guide you through the prompts.
  3. If you do this from off campus, when you hear the main greeting press the # (pound) key. When you hear the greeting you need, proceed as above.

NOTE: Faculty who are not on the voice mail system, please make your students aware of this.

If you have a problem after following the above directions, please call the Voice Mail System Manager at 629-7825.

Accessing Voice Mail On Campus

From your extension:
Call the Voice Mail number - 8088
Enter your password
Press 1 for messages

From another extension on campus:
Call the Voice Mail number 8088
Listen to Introductory Prompt
Press *
Enter Mail Box number
Enter Password
Press 1-1 for Messages

Accessing Voice Mail From Off Campus
During the Day (7:30 a.m. - 9 p.m.)

Step 1. Call the Voice Mail System. From off campus Dial 629-8088.

Step 2. When the system answers, press the # key.

Step 3. The system will ask you to "Dial your mailbox number". You should enter your mailbox number.
In most cases, your mailbox number is the same as your extension number.

Step 4. The system will ask you to "Dial your password".
You will now be in your mailbox, and the system will tell you how many messages you have.

To Send a Message

After choosing this option, the first step is to record the message.
Finish recording by pressing #, then extension number and # again.  Message will be sent as normal delivery.

Other message delivery options

1 Private: The recipient cannot copy a confidential message to another voice mail user.

2 Urgent: Priority messages are played first when reviewing messages.

3 Message Confirmation: to confirm message was received.

4 Future Delivery: to send at a future date.

NOTE: Once a message is sent, it cannot be retrieved.

While Listening to Messages on Main Menu


3-3 Takes you to the end of message quickly.

# Skip: Skip to next message.

4 Replay: To repeat message from the beginning of message.

9 Save: To save a message for later review. New messages will be played first followed by saved messages.

7 Erase: Erase a message from your mailbox. The erasure must be confirmed with the # key.

8 Reply: Reply to a message with the options to respond to the sender or originator of the message.

5 Envelope Information: The time, date and sender of the message.

* Cancel: Cancel playback of messages.

1 Review: To review messages.

6-6 Send copy to another subscriber.

6 Send copy with remarks to another subscriber.

Use these keys to control playback:

Rewind       1
Slower   4
Pause/Resume 2 
Faster   6
Fast Forward 3
Louder   9
Envelope     5
Normal   8

After each message, use these keys:

Reply    8 
Erase      7 (an erased message cannot be retrieved)
Forward 6
Save       9
Replay  4 
Main Menu  *

Broadcast Messages
Broadcast messages are recorded by the system manager and are sent to all subscribers. These messages can contain any information that the system manager decides is important. Enhancements to the system and information needing to be distributed quickly are prime candidates for this message (i.e. "The following enhancements to the system are . . ."  "Tomorrow the company will have a half day due to...").
A Broadcast message must be listened to before erasing.

Spell by Name
If you don't know a subscriber's mailbox number, press # and, enter the first four letters of the person's last name as follows:

A,B,C - 2
D,E,F - 3
G,H,I - 4
J,K,L - 5
M,N,O - 6
P,Q,R,S - 7
T,U,V - 8
W,X,Y,Z - 9

For example, to address a message to Smith, Ann, enter 7648. You must spell the name exactly as the system manager entered it on the system.

When you have entered enough characters to uniquely identify a subscriber's name, the system states the name. If more than one name matches the characters you have entered, the system presents those names and asks you to select one.

Voice Mail Questions & Answers

Q. If I do not have a voice mail account, how can I get one?
A. Contact the Voice Mail System Manager at 629-7825 for a start-up number (which is your temporary password code). She will give you that number and also start-up instructions if you need assistance.

Q. How can I access some of the other features that voice mail offers?
A. Any of the special options that are offered through the voice mail system may be accessed by referring to the Octel Quick Reference Guide and our voice mail booklet.

Q. Can I delete all the messages in my mailbox at one time after listening to them?
A. No, this option is not available.

Q. What features are available while I'm listening to a message?
4     Play from the beginning of the message.
5    Time and date of message.
1    Rewinds the message by five seconds.
2    Pauses and resumes the messages.
3    Fast forwards the message by five seconds.
#    Skips to the next message.
6    Speeds up message play.
4    Slows down message play.

Q. Can I skip listening to a message if I want to?
A. YES! By pressing # on the Keypad! Then it will bring you to the next message. Broadcast messages cannot be skipped.

Q. Can I find out the time and date message was left on my voice mail?
A. You may do that option by pressing 5 while listening to the message or after you have listened to the message.

Q. How may I copy a message to be sent to another Mail Box?
A. To send a copy of the message at the "End of Message Options" dial 6 - 6. To send a copy of the message with remarks dial 6. The system will prompt the subscriber to record and send the message to other subscribers. The same options as recording a normal message (confidential, priority, etc.) can be selected.

Q. Do I have to listen to a person's voice mail greeting every time I call them?
A. No! You can bypass this by pressing the # key to bring you to the tone, and then leave your message. You have to listen to extended absence (temporary messages) greetings.

Q. Can I access an extension directly through voice mail?
A. Yes you can. From inside, dial 8084, from outside the college dial 629-8084. When you hear the greeting press the # key, then dial the mailbox number you are calling. Faculty who share mail boxes can give their voice mail number (their 6000 number) to their students and students can leave messages any time of the day.

Q. How can I access the voice mail system from another phone on campus?
A. Dial 8088, press * and your extension.

Q. I need HELP with a voice mail problem.
A. Call the Voice Mail System Manager at 629-7825. Chances are there is a very simple answer to your problem and she will be able to walk you through the problem or arrange a visit to assist you in clearing up any problems you may have.


Faculty who are not on voice mail should make their students aware of this because, if you don't, students will drop messages into other faculty voice mail boxes. Faculty are then forced to relay those messages to their colleagues.

If you call the college from outside and you want to reach the operator, immediately press 0 to bypass greeting.