Workforce Development
Center for Energy Efficiency and Building Science (CEEBS)

Train to become a BPI Certified Home Energy Efficiency Professional

Attention Building Analyst or Envelope Professional students looking for additional field time before taking the BPI field exam.
Preparatory Field Review Sessions
Ongoing at an off-campus approved site location provided by the student.
This training/review session will help prepare the student for the Building Performance Institute's Building Analyst and/or Envelope Professional field tests. Participants will receive one-on-one, hands-on training with an approved HVCC/CEEBS instructor. The training will cover the proper use of equipment utilized in the completion of home energy efficiency assessments.


The Center for Energy Efficiency and Building Science (CEEBS), a division of the Workforce Development Institute at Hudson Valley Community College, delivers energy efficiency and building science courses. The courses are designed to prepare students for the Building Performance Institute (BPI) certification examinations and are an excellent choice for:

  • contractors
  • remodelers
  • college students
  • high school students
  • homeowners

Financial assistance may be available from local
New York State Department of Labor One-Stop Career Centers.

Energy efficiency and building science courses offered, include the following:

Phone: (518) 629-4827 or
Fax: (518) 629-4238

“I loved this course. It showed me that 30 years in the building business doesn’t address the science needed to build safely.”
- Jim G., Building Analyst student 2010

“In each step I’ve taken, the Building Analyst training was key. I am very fortunate to have received such a great foundation from Joseph Muiccio at HVCC.”
- Ray S., June 2008

“After taking the BPI Building Analysis course, my job took on a different light. A lot of corners were sharpened. A well presented class by a well prepared teacher.”
- Dave C., Ulster County Community Action Weatherization Department Energy Auditor

“Your Building Analyst course was comprehensive, complete, and my overall exam score was 93%.”
– Craig S., January 2008