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Administrative and Instructional Staff

Chancellor's Award Recipients at Hudson Valley Community College

No higher honor can be accorded a faculty member or administrator than the prestigious Chancellor's Award. Instituted in 1972 by the State University of New York, the Chancellor's Awards recognize exceptional contributions to the University by dedicated professionals. Hudson Valley Community College is committed to the ideal of teaching as the benchmark by which an institution is evaluated. We are extremely proud of the accomplishments of these individuals.

Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching

School of Business

1991 Louis A. Rosamilia, Accounting
1994 William L. Staats, Accounting
1998 M. Terri Pennisi, Marketing
2012 William J. Eckert, Business Administration
2012 Andrew Hurd, Computing and Information Sciences

School of Engineering and Industrial Technologies

1990 John L. Nagi*, Electrical Engineering Technology
2009 Dr. Christopher McNally, Automotive, Manufacturing, and Electrical Engineering Technologies
2013 Gerard M. McEneaney, Building Systems Technology

School of Health Sciences

1973 Janet Fahey*, Nursing
1975 Elizabeth A. Rowe*, Anatomy and Physiology
1986 Catherine Davis, Dental Hygiene
1986 Barbara M. Houser, Dental Hygiene
1991 Dr. Sally McLaughlin Bauer, Biology
1992 Deborah N. Halacy, Biology
1997 Leona A. Bishop, Nursing
1997 Denise Y. Friedman*, Biology
2000 Sheila M. Hughes, Medical Imaging
2001 Dr. Linda Adamchak, Biology
2005 Sandra Galligan, Nursing
2009 D. Elaine Reinhard, Mortuary Science
2010 Judith DiLorenzo, Dental Hygiene
2011 Karen Palleschi, Dental Hygiene
2013 Marianne Belles, Dental Hygiene

School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

1973 Warren Joscelyn*, Mathematics
1975 Cecelia M. Jorgensen, Chemistry
1977 Oscar H. Godin*, Math and Engineering Science
1978 John Murray, Mathematics Science
1979 Maureen P. Hood, English
1980 Jay A. Gorham, Mathematics
1986 Ronald E. Dow, Criminal Justice
1989 Joseph Caruso, Criminal Justice
1989 Brian McCabe, Human Services
1989 Dr. Norman Swanson, Mathematics
1990 Damian Nichols, Physics
1991 Dr. Ruth E. Waller, Human Services
1992 William G. Muller, Humanities
1992 Joan E. Shack, Mathematics
1992 Anthony W. Walsh*, Behavioral and Social Sciences
1993 Dale B. Bryant, Mathematics
1993 John H. Nickles, Chemistry
1993 Dr. Richard A. Platt, Human Services
1994 Mary DeBey, Early Childhood
1994 Carol H. Karpien, English
1994 Ronald J. Karpien, Physics
1995 Charles H. Ostrander, Physics
1995 Vivian A. Tortorici, English
1996 Nancy Howe-Ford, Social Sciences
1996 Thomas P. Rogan, Physical Education
1996 James Zubrick, Chemistry
1997 Ann Marie Murray, Mathematics
1997 Peter L. Sanzen, Criminal Justice
1998 Mary Ellen Deighan, Human Services
1999 Nancy Cupolo, Early Childhood
1999 Jai N. Misir, English
2000 Ronald R. Mulson, Jr., Behavioral and Social Sciences
2001 Dr. Mary M. Gillespie, Human Services
2002 Cherie Pash-Corr, Mathematics and Science/Engineering Science
2002 Mary A. Herlt, Biology, Chemistry and Physics
2003 Elaine Brooks Rinaldo, Mathematics
2003 Dr. Wilson Crone, Biology
2003 Kathryn Sullivan, Criminal Justice
2004 Diane Jasinski, Mathematics and Science
2005 Donald Heckelman, Mathematics and Science/Engineering Science
2005 Maryanne Pepe, Human Services
2006 Thomas Lail, Fine, Studio and Performing Arts
2006 Doris Schoonmaker, Mathematics and Science/Engineering Science
2007 Dr. Laura Ann Mastrangelo, Biology, Chemistry and Physics
2007 Dr. Mark D. Tenney, Mathematics and Science/Engineering Science
2008 Dr. Maria Palmara, English, Foreign Languages and English as a Second Language
2009 Ellen A. Laird, English, Foreign Languages and English as a Second Language
2009 Dr. Jacob M. Silvestri, Physical Education
2010 Anne Dearing, English, Foreign Languages and English as a Second Language
2010 Scott Hathaway, English, Modern Languages,and English as a Second Language
2010 Susan Kutryb, Mathematics and Engineering Science
2010 Daniel Polack, History, Philosophy and Social Sciences
2011 Beth Ernest, Mathematics and Engineering Science
2011 Dr. Todd Wysocki, History, Philosophy and Social Sciences
2012 Rachel Bornn, English, Modern Languages,and English as a Second Language
2012 Michele Catone-Maitino, History, Philosophy and Social Sciences
2013 Andrew Schott, History, Philosophy and Social Sciences

Educational Opportunity Center

1990 Roberta Patterson, Academics
2001 Melanie F. Bleich, Academics
2003 Susan Hoff-Haynes, Academics
2005 Carol Wilber, Academics

Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Faculty Service

2005 Carol McCarthy, Center for Effective Teaching
2009 Lois Ann Terry, Instructional Support Services and Retention
2011 John Kennedy, Individual Studies and Liberal Arts
2011 Dorothy Reynolds, Fine Arts, Theatre Arts and Broadcast Communications
2012 Donald C. Frament, Instructional Support Services and Retention

Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Librarianship

1983 Christine Root, Librarian
1989 Susan Blandy, Librarian
2006 Robert G. Matthews, Associate Professor/Faculty Librarian

Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Classified Service

2009 Jeanne Petropol, Secretary I, History, Philosophy and Social Sciences
2010 Kathleen Woods, Secretary II, Office of the Vice President for Administration
2011 Tina Maloney, Secretary I, Physical Plant
2012 Patricia J. Kaiser, Data Analysis Coordinator II, Library
2013 David S. Plunkett, Campus Security Officer, Public Safety and Security

Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities

2011 Joseph Cardillo, English, Foreign Languages and English as a Second Language

Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Professional Services

1977 James E. Sharp*, Vice President and Director, Educational Opportunity Center
1981 Joseph F. Marcelli, Dean, Health and Physical Sciences
1985 Lawrence Berk*, Associate Director of the Learning Resources Center
1988 Donald Bowman, Dean of Enrollment Services
1989 C. Frederick Zipprich, Dean, Engineering and Industrial Technologies
1990 Holly Christensen, Dean of Continuing Education
1991 D. Ruth DeMartino, Coordinator of Service Programs, Educational Opportunity Center
1992 James J. LaGatta, Dean, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
1993 Joel R. Fatato, Chief Fiscal Officer
1994 Mary M. Giles, Dean, Health Sciences
1995 Susanne K. Stark, Professor/Chairperson, Business Administration
1995 Kathleen E. Quirk, Director, Office of Testing, Advisement and Academic Placement
1996 Dr. Lucille A. Marion, Vice President and Executive Director, Educational Opportunity Center
1997 Mark C. Schmiedeshoff, Career Planning and Placement
1998 Dennis L. Nagi, Professor/Chairperson, Humanities and Modern Languages, Behavioral and Social Sciences
1999 Donna Murray, College Nurse
2000 Bette H. Frisino, Registrar
2001 Louis Coplin, Director of Student Life
2002 Karen H. Nash, Associate Professor, Department Chairperson, Human Services
2002 Pablo Negron, Director, Disability Resources
2003 Beverly Bardequez, Enrollment Services Manager, Educational Opportunity Center
2004 Philip Brown, Professor, Department Chairperson, Physical Education
2004 Christine A. Helwig, Director, Community and Professional Education
2005 Sherri Mackey, Associate Director and Coordinator for Business Services, Educational Opportunity Center
2005 Andrew Marrochello, Director, Athletics
2006 Dr. Dicey O’Malley, Department Chairperson, Nursing
2006 Kathleen Petley, Registrar
2007 Susan Gallagher, Director, Distance Learning
2007 Dr. Kathleen Sweener, Director, Student Development
2008 Jeanne Kelleher, Assistant Professor/Department Chairperson, Medical Imaging
2008 Marilyn Shapiro, Coordinator of Program Development and Research, Educational Opportunity Center
2009 Mary Claire Bauer, Director of Admissions
2009 Dr. Ann Geisendorfer, Associate Professor/Department Chairperson, Criminal Justice, Forensic Science and Public Administration
2010 Larry Ellis, Associate Director, Student Developement
2010 Deborah Shoemaker, Director, Community and Professional Education
2011 Robert Racette, Director of Instructional Technologies and Viking Video Technologies
2012 Suzanne B. Brownrigg, Director, High School Programs and Educational Outreach
2012 Diane Teutschman, Advising Specialist, Teacher Preparation
2013 Dr. Margaret M. Geehan, Dean, Schools of Health Sciences and Liberal Arts and Sciences
2013 Anne F. Minehan, Associate for Academic Planning, Assessment, Research and Accreditation, Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs

* deceased