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Academic Programs - School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Liberal Arts and Science - Humanities and Social Science
Associate in Arts
HEGIS #5649
Interim Chairperson: Sarah S. Retersdorf
Fitzgibbons Health Technologies Center, Room 334
(518) 629-7191

This major is the traditional beginning of a baccalaureate liberal arts program. The emphasis in a liberal arts transfer program is on breadth of knowledge rather than depth. Students take courses in several different fields to assist their selection of a specific field at the transfer institution.

The students in Liberal Arts have a wide choice on the baccalaureate level in the typical Liberal Arts and Science majors.

The Liberal Arts program has had an excellent transfer reputation with four-year private and public institutions across the country. Transfer agreements and majors are updated regularly to meet student needs.

The Board of Trustees of the State University of New York has established a policy which guarantees admission to an upper division program in the State University to all community college graduates receiving Associate in Arts degrees. Admission to the upper division program is based on the student meeting the entrance requirements of the chosen program.

Degree requirements can be fulfilled through evening course offerings.

Transfer credit is evaluated at the student’s request. Transfer credit will be awarded at the discretion of the department chair in accordance with the college and discipline specific departmental policies to support the educational plan made between the academic advisor and the student. The use of transfer credit may affect transfer to other two- and four-year programs, as well as financial aid eligibility.

Courses Entry Term Special Notes H.S. Average
Algebra and geometry or 2 units of equivalent academic math and 1 unit of any lab science (70 or above in each course) Fall and Spring Strongly recommend algebra II, biology, chemistry and physics. Courses of study in: behavioral and social sciences, foreign studies, journalism, political science and other specialized areas. 70 or above

The estimated cost of books for the student enrolled in the first full-time term as outlined would be approximately $560.


Course No.


Credit Hrs.

FORM 108**
College Forum (1)
ENGL 101
English Composition I 3
ENGL 102
English Composition II or 3
ENGL 104 English Composition II: Writing About Literature
ENGL 115 Library Skills for Research 1
HIST 100
Western Civilization and the World I 3
(1) History Elective 3
(2) Laboratory Science Elective 3
(3) Mathematics or Laboratory Science Elective 3
  (4) Social Science Electives 6
  (5) Fine Arts Elective 3
  (6) Mathematics Elective 3
(7) Humanities Elective 3
  (7) Humanities or Social Science Electives 6
Electives as advised 13
Literature Electives 6
Physical Education Electives 2
Total Credits Required 61

*or specific course equivalents as approved by the department chairperson.

** Required of first time full-time students.

(1) Course must be designated as both "SUNY General Education American History or Other World Civilization" and "HVCC Liberal Arts and Sciences Social Science" course.

(2) Course must be designated as both "SUNY General Education Natural Science" laboratory and "HVCC Liberal Arts and Sciences Science" course.

(3) Course must be designated as wither "HVCC Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematics or Science" (with lab) course.

(4) Courses must be designated as both "SUNY General Education Social Science" and "HVCC Liberal Arts and Sciences Social Sciences" courses.

(5) Courses fulfilling this requirement: ARTS 100, ARTS 101, ARTS 107, ARTS 272, MUSC 100, MUSC 101, MUSC 105, MUSC 106, THEA 100.

(6) Course must be designated as both "SUNY General Education Mathematics" and "HVCC Liberal Arts and Sciences Mathematics" course.

(7) Students who enter without one unit of a foreign language in high school must include a year of foreign language in humanities electives.

Political Science Advisement Track

Program Overview
The Political Science Advisement track for the Liberal Arts and Science - Humanities and Social Science degree program is designed to prepare students for baccalaureate study in political science. The courses in the advisement track combined with the degree requirements and electives guide students through the required general education and specific discipline courses necessary for effective transfer and continued study. Students will work closely with their academic advisors regarding various transfer planning resources to select appropriate courses to maximize course transferability.

Students wishing to transfer into the advisement track should consult their advisor immediately to ensure that all course sequences can be completed within the desired timeline.

The following courses are designated as Political Science Advisement Track courses and are required for completion of the track:

Course No. Title Credit Hrs.
HIST 101 Western Civilization and the World II 3
HIST 135 History of the Twentieth Century 3
POLS 100 Introduction to Political Science 3
POLS 101 Introduction to International Politics 3
POLS 102 Introduction to Political Theory 3
POLS 105 American National Government 3
_________ (1) Electives as advised 10

(1) By advisement, based on transferability. Recommended selections: POLS 110, POLS 125 or POLS 200; PSYC 260; and SOCL 100.

Honors Advisement Track

Program Overview
The Liberal Arts and Science - Humanities and Social Science Honors Advisement Track is designed to prepare academically advanced students for transfer to high-quality baccalaureate programs through focused interdisciplinary coursework linked to a variety of extracurricular activities. By providing a rich environment that encourages scholarship, faculty/student relationships, active participation in the community, and an emphasis on connecting learning to life, Honors Advisement Track students will have a challenging and enriching experience that enables them to make the most of what Hudson Valley Community College has to offer.

Applicants must meet the entrance requirements for the Liberal Arts-Humanities and Social Science program by completing algebra and geometry along with a lab science. Honors applicants are expected to demonstrate a strong overall academic record. While particular academic strengths will be taken into consideration during the review process, a minimum cumulative high school average of 90 and a minimum overall score of 1100 on the math and verbal portions of the SAT is expected. Coursework in Biology, Chemistry and Physics is recommended. Additional material may be required. Interview recommended.

Transfer into the Liberal Arts and Science - Humanities and Social Science Honors Advisement Track
Hudson Valley students or college transfer students who wish to enroll in the Liberal Arts and Science - Humanities and Social Sciences Honors Advisement Track must have a minimum of 12 college-level credits applicable to the program with an overall G.P.A. of 3.70. However, extenuating circumstances as well as particular strengths in certain academic areas will be taken into consideration during the review process.

Requirements for Completion of Honors Study
To qualify as an Honors graduate and to receive Completion of Honors Study documentation, students must take a minimum of seven of the nine Honors designated courses, including Honors Seminar I and Honors Seminar II, and achieve a minimum overall G.P.A. of 3.2. Students may be advised to complete their studies in the Liberal Arts: Humanities and Social Sciences non-honors track if their academic performance falls below the minimum G.P.A. for an extended period of time.

The following are the nine designated honors courses:

Course No. Title Credit Hrs.
ENGL 107 Honors English Composition I 3
HONR 190 Honors Seminar I 3
ENGL 108 Honors English Composition II 3
MATH 178 Honors Mathematical Reasoning and Applications 3
PHIL 265 Honors Philosophy - Ideas Past and Present 3
ENGL 240 Honors Literature 3
HONR 290 Honors Seminar II 4
POLS 222 Honors Global Seminar 3
NSCI 250 Honors Natural Science 4