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Criminal Justice
Associate in Applied Science
HEGIS #5505
Chairperson: Dr. Ann B. Geisendorfer
Amstuz Science Hall, Suite 300, (518) 629-7342

The Criminal Justice program is designed to prepare students for careers in the criminal and juvenile justice systems. Students could, after meeting Civil Service requirements, enter law enforcement, investigation, crime prevention, and corrections on the federal, state, county, or local levels. There also are opportunities for employment in private organizations.

This program meets the needs of students who plan to work immediately after completing their associate degree, transfer for further education, or for in-service students to up-date their knowledge and skills. Courses are offered on a full- or part-time basis to aid students in becoming effective and knowledgeable justice system personnel.

The Criminal Justice program has formal transfer agreements with Eastern Kentucky University, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Russell Sage College, SUNY Plattsburgh and University at Albany, as well as informal agreements with several baccalaureate programs throughout New York State.

Criminal Justice agencies require background checks for employment and internships. Degree requirements can be fulfilled through evening course offerings.

All Criminal Justice core courses are offered online, but not all online courses are offered every term. The course, Forensic Science I, in the online learning format, requires the student to perform laboratory work on campus.

The Criminal Justice degree program does not give college credit for professional training courses or life experience.

All Criminal Justice courses must have been taken within seven years in order to be applicable toward this degree program. Only four Criminal Justice courses may be transferred into the program. A "Forensic I" course will not be accepted as transfer credit into the program.

Courses Entry Term Special Notes H.S. Average
1 unit of any math Fall and Spring Social science, humanities and lab sciences courses recommended. 70 or above

The estimated cost of books for the student enrolled in the first full-time term as outlined would be approximately $650.


Course No.


Credit Hrs.

FORM 109
College Forum (1)
CRJS 101
Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
CRJS 150
Principles of Criminal Investigation I 3
CRJS 205
Policing 3
CRJS 245
Forensic Science I 3
CRJS 250
Criminology 3
CRJS 255
Intro. to Juvenile Delinquency 3
CRJS 260
Criminal Justice Administration 3
CRJS 265
Correctional Services 3
CRJS 280 Substantive Criminal Law 3
CRJS 281 Procedural Criminal Law 3
ENGL 101
English Composition I 3
ENGL 102
English Composition II 3
PSYC 100
General Psychology 3
SOCL 100
Sociology 3
______ Free Electives 6
______ PADM 100 Introduction to Public Administration or
a Criminal Justice Elective
______ (1) Mathematics Elective 3
______ (1) Science Elective 3
______ Social Science Elective or
(2) Restricted Elective
Total Credits Required

*or specific course equivalents as approved by department chairperson.

(1) Students will be scheduled in an appropriate Math or Science course based on their preparation and their goals.

(2) Restricted electives are as follows: BADM 220, CRJS 151, CRJS 246, ENGL 125, any literature, history, science or math, foreign language, computer, law, or a sequence of three physical education courses.

FORM 109 College Forum* 1
CRJS 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
CRJS 280 Substantive Criminal Law 3
ENGL 101 Composition I 3
SOCL 100 Sociology 3
  Math Elective 3
  Term Total 16
CRJS 150 Principles of Criminal Investigation I 3
CRJS 281 Procedural Criminal Law 3
ENGL 102 Composition II 3
PADM 100 Intro. to Public Administration or 3
  Criminal Justice Elective  
  Science Elective 3
  Term Total 15
CRJS 205 Policing 3
CRJS 245 Forensic Science I 3
CRJS 250 Criminology 3
PSYC 100 Psychology 3
  Free Elective 3
  Term Total 15
CRJS 255 Int. to Juv. Delin. 3
CRJS 260 Crim. Justice Adm. 3
CRJS 265 Correctional Serv. 3
  Free Elective 3
  Soc. Sci. Elective 3
  Term Total 15
*Required of first time, full-time students.