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Liberal Arts & Sciences - Adolescent Education (Teacher Education Transfer)
Associate in Science
HEGIS #5649
Chairperson: Dawn Kolakoski, Ed.D.
Higbee Hall, Room 109, (518) 629-7250

The Liberal Arts and Sciences: Adolescent Education (Teacher Education Transfer), A.S. program provides students with foundations to pursue the rich and rewarding field of secondary education. By completing courses in the liberal arts, education and an academic concentration, students will be able to achieve effective transfer to four-year programs leading to teacher certification in Adolescent Education (grades 7-12) by the State of New York. Concentrations include English, History/Social Studies, Math, Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry and Physics.

Many four-year institutions require specific course grades and degree GPA as part of the transfer application. For specific information on the SUNY TETT go to

Transfer credit is evaluated at the student’s request. Transfer credit will be awarded at the discretion of the department chair in accordance with the college and discipline specific departmental policies to support the educational plan made between the academic advisor and the student. The use of transfer credit may affect transfer to other two- and four-year programs, as well as financial aid eligibility.

Courses Entry Term Special Notes H.S. Average
Algebra and geometry or 2 units of equivalent academic math and 1 unit of any lab science Fall and Spring Students seeking concentrations in math, biology, chemistry, earth science and physics must meet prerequisites for math and science courses as listed in the concentration. 78 or above


Course No.


Credit Hrs.

EDUC 110 Foundations in Education 3
ENGL 101 English Composition I 3
ENGL 102 English Composition II or 3
ENGL 104 English Composition II: Writing About Literature
PSYC 100 General Psychology 3
PSYC 208 Adolescent Psychology 3
  (1) Concentration requirements and electives as advised 18
  (2) Fine Art Elective 3
  (2) Restricted Humanities Elective 3
  (2) Western Civilization Elective 3
  (3) American History or Humanities/Social Science Elective 3
  (3) Other World Civilization or Humanities/Social Science Elective 3
  (4) Foreign Language Elective 6
  (5) Restricted Natural Science Elective 3
  (6) Math Elective 3
Total Credits Required
  1. Concentration Requirements and Electives:

    1. History/Social Studies: ECON 100, ECON 101, POLS 105, HIST 110, HIST 111 and additional electives as advised
    2. English: EDUC 225; ENGL 204 or ENGL 206; ENGL 200 or ENGL 202; ENGL 230, ENGL 232, ENGL 234, ENGL 235 or ENGL 236 and additional electives as advised.
    3. Math: MATH 180, MATH 183, MATH 190, MATH 200, MATH 210 and additional electives as advised.
    4. Biology: BIOL 190, BIOL 191, CHEM 120, CHEM 121, MATH 180 and additional electives as advised.
    5. Earth Science: CHEM 120, CHEM 121 MATH 180, PHYS 105, PHYS 145, PHYS 146, and additional electives as advised.
    6. Physics: MATH 180, MATH 190, MATH 210, PHYS 150, PHYS 151 and additional electives as advised.
    7. Chemistry: CHEM 120, CHEM 121, CHEM 210, CHEM 211 MATH 180, MATH 190, and additional electives as advised.
  2. Courses fulfilling requirement based on approved SUNY General Education for category.
  3. Courses fulfilling requirement based on either approved SUNY General Education for category or LAS elective area.
  4. Must include two courses within same language
  5. Restricted to approved lab sciences
  6. Course fulfilling Requirement: MATH 130 or higher, as advised based on concentration