College Catalog
Policies and Procedures

Mid-Term Grades

Midterm grades are indicators of a student's progress. They are equally important to the potential Dean's List student, the student on probation and the marginal student. In each case, the student's efforts can be directed to achieve his or her goals. In addition, the midterm grades of all courses (including non-credit remedial) will be used to determine continued eligibility in athletics and student senate sponsored organizations.

Midterm grades are not recorded on official student transcripts and as such, will only be changed in the event of a data entry or calculation error.

A student will be considered academically at-risk if his/her midterm grade point average (average based on that term's midterm grades) falls below 2.0. A student at-risk (in this situation) will be encouraged, by letter, to meet with his/her department chairperson or faculty advisor to discuss options and implement a course of action to improve the student's academic performance.