College Catalog
Policies and Procedures

Matriculation/Course Load Status

A matriculated student is one who has been formally accepted for admission to the college, has registered in a major or designated program and is pursuing courses toward a degree or certificate. A student will lose matriculated status if he or she does not enroll for more than two terms.

Regardless of matriculation status, a student who carries 12 or more term hours during the fall or spring term is considered a full-time student.

One credit hour is granted based on one period of classroom work per week or one session of laboratory work of two or more periods. A minimum of two hours of outside preparation is expected of the student for each period of classroom work.

NOTE: Full-time status for New York State scholarships is determined by enrollment in 12 or more degree applicable hours. Courses in which a grade of "D" or better was previously earned are not counted toward the 12-hour full-time study requirement.