College Catalog
Policies and Procedures

Grading System

  1. The college uses a letter system of grading which indicates the following standards:

    *A Excellent 90-100 4
    *B Very Good 80-89 3
    *C Average 70-79 2
    *D Passing 60-69 1
    *F Failure Below 60 0
    *I Incomplete    
    *IP Course in Progress    
    P Pass    
    *S Satisfactory    
    *W Withdrew    
    *AW Administrative Withdrawal    
    *Z Absent Without Withdrawal    
    AU Audit    
    AZ Audit Unofficial Withdrawal    
    EXM Excused Medical
    (Physical Education courses only)
    All grades earned will appear and remain permanently on student's record
    *Grades for remedial courses will be preceded by the letter R (i.e.- RA, RB)

  2. A grade of "I"(Incomplete) at midterm or final is assigned only after the student has consulted with the faculty member and has demonstrated a legitimate reason acceptable to the faculty member (health problems, a death in the family or other circumstances beyond the student's control) for not completing the work. The decision to assign the "I" (Incomplete) grade is entirely at the discretion of the faculty member. A grade of "I" (Incomplete) must be removed within the first (30) calendar days of the next term; otherwise it automatically becomes an "F." If the grade of "I" (Incomplete) has caused the student to lose good academic standing or financial aid eligibility, the final grade must be submitted by the beginning of the next term in order to be considered for readmission and financial aid for that term.
  3. The grade of "IP" (Course in Progress) is assigned to a student when the course has not concluded at the close of the regularly scheduled term.
  4. A grade of "W" (Withdrawal) is assigned only when a student has completed the appropriate withdrawal process as outlined below.
  5. The grade of "AW" (Administrative Withdrawal) will be assigned by the college to students who do not comply with certain college policies and campus regulations.
  6. A grade of “Z” (Absent Without Withdrawal) will be assigned to a student who has failed to participate in course activities through the end of the term and when, according to the instructor’s grading policy as stated on the course syllabus, completed assignments or course activities were insufficient to make normal evaluation of academic performance possible.
  7. The computation of the grade point index is based on the GPA hours and grades earned. Quality points are assigned to each credit hour attempted, according to the table above. Grades of "I," "IP," "S," "W," "AW," "Z," or "EXM" or grades preceded by the letter "R" (i.e. remedial courses) do not calculate into the grade point index. The following example illustrates how the grade point index would be determined for one term:
    A 3 credit course x 4 quality points = 12
    B 3 credit course x 3 quality points = 9
    B 4 credit course x 3 quality points = 12
    F 3 credit course x 0 quality points = 0

    Total GPA Hours = 13      Total quality points = 33

    Term Index = Quality Points/GPA Hours
    2.54 = 33/13
  8. A course may be repeated for a higher grade. The highest grade will be included in the average, although both grades will appear on the transcript. Such repetition will be permitted twice. Special permission may be granted through the department chairperson for a student to repeat a course which has been completed with a "C" or better.

Repetition of coursework for which credit has been granted may jeopardize financial aid eligibility.