College Catalog
Policies and Procedures

Course Audits

Students may enroll to audit a course, if it is identified as audit allowed, on a space available basis. The intention to audit must be declared by the add/drop deadline of the course. A course auditor will not be required to submit assignments or take tests or exams. Class participation is at the discretion of the instructor. The course audit will be recorded on the student's transcript with a grade of "AU," however, if the student stops attending class, the instructor may indicate a grade of "AZ" be recorded.

With the exception of senior citizens, students must complete all registration requirements, including the full payment of tuition and fees.

Course Audits for Senior Citizens
Hudson Valley Community College offers to senior citizens who are at least 60 years of age the opportunity to audit credit bearing courses. There are no tuition charges, however, the students will be responsible for the payment of fees. College credit will not be granted for auditing a course. Registration is based on space availability and is held the Friday prior to the start of the specific course. The Arts Center courses may also be audited; however, the Center must be contacted directly.