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24 Credit Hour for students who do not have their high school diplomas Brochure24-Credit Hour Program

The 24-Credit Hour Program is for non-high school graduates and students graduating from non-registered schools or correspondence schools both within and outside of New York State.

The High School Equivalency Program of the New York State Education Department has established the following guidelines for granting an equivalency diploma based on earned college credit:

A student who has not earned a high school diploma may be issued a New York State High School Equivalency Diploma. This will be granted if satisfactory documentation is provided of the student’s successful completion of the required 24 college credits as a recognized candidate for a college-level degree or certificate at an approved institution.

If the only reason a student could not apply the credits to a regular program is the lack of a high school diploma or its equivalent, the student may be considered by the college as a recognized candidate for a degree or certificate for the purpose of the equivalency diploma certification.

The candidate must send a completed special application form (DET 603A) and have the institution where the credit was earned send the credit certification form (DET 616) and a transcript to the state Education Department.

In concert with this program, Hudson Valley Community College will consider an Application for Admission from students who do not have a high school diploma or equivalency, providing they meet the following minimum criteria:

  1. Student has reached “maximum” compulsory school attendance age.*

  2. The student must contact the Admissions Office for an individual appointment to discuss and determine eligibility for enrollment.

  3. The student must take a placement test to determine if, in the judgment of the college, the student has a reasonable chance of succeeding in college course work.

  4. The student must enroll in the course work recommended by the college following placement testing, a personal interview with an academic advisor, and submission of supportive academic transcripts or recommendations as requested by the college.

* Students of compulsory school age who have yet to complete a four-year high school program and who seek to enroll in full-time college study are required to submit verification from the school district of residence that he/she will be meeting the compulsory education requirements through full-time college study. This verification must be in the form of an approved Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP) that includes such full-time college study.

Successful applicants to this program will only be admitted to the college’s Individual Studies program.

Students who have or will be graduating with an Individual Education Program (IEP) diploma should apply to the 24-CreditHour Program.

New York State has established specific course requirements which must be completed to obtain an equivalency diploma. Students should work closely with their advisor to ensure the requirements are met.

Admission to the 24-Credit Hour Program does not automatically qualify students for state and federal financial aid (refer to Financial Aid section). Consult with an Admissions representative for more information.