Center for Careers and Transfer
Faculty and Staff

How the Center for Careers and Transfer Can Benefit Your Students

The Center for Careers and Transfer can be a valuable addition to the educational and personal development of your students. The center can assist your students in:

  • Identifying how their areas of interests and unique skills and values connect to majors and their future career paths.
  • Developing the skills for initiating and completing a job search, including resume and cover letter writing, finding employment opportunities, and researching companies.
  • Increasing their self-confidence by practicing interview skills and researching companies and fields.

The center is free of charge and is easily accessible through scheduled appointments. Please encourage your students to stop by our office, located adjacent to the cafeteria in the Siek Campus Center or have them call (518) 629-7326 for more information.

In Class Presentation Topics

The Center for Careers and Transfers offers a number of presentations that can be conducted in your classroom. Presentations also may be customized for individual majors and topics.

Examples of commonly requested presentations by the Center for Careers and Transfer include:

  • Resume Writing
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Interview Preparation and Skills
  • Career Development
  • Overview of Center for Careers and Transfer Services
  • Transfer Presentation
    This 45 minute presentation consists of a CCT counselor coming to your classroom to present information on the transfer process. The topics to be covered include how to select an appropriate college, the application process, financial aid/paying for college, majors/minors, transferability of credit/degrees and GPA requirements. There will be time and opportunity for students to ask questions.

Contact the Center for Careers and Transfer for ideas or to schedule a presentation at (518) 629-7326 or e-mail

Graduate Follow-up Reports

Each year the Center for Careers and Transfer communicates through surveys and phone calls with the graduating class to collect information about what they have done since graduation. The information is then compiled by the Office of Planning and Research for the Annual Placement Report and the Departmental Graduate Follow-up Reports.