About the Campaign

No student pays the true cost of his or her education at Hudson Valley Community College, particularly those who pursue the nursing, allied health or technology fields. For every $1.45 the college spends to educate an automotive technician, for example, it receives only one dollar in tuition and government aid.

Those fiscal constraints – which squeeze nearly two-thirds of the college’s academic programs – prevent Hudson Valley from expanding its offerings.

As a result, the college must seek private funds to bridge the gap between government funding and tuition revenue if it is to continue its critical role in fueling the region’s workforce.

To expand upon the college’s accomplishments and help realize its fullest potential in years to come, the Foundation has embarked upon The Promise of Our Region, a comprehensive campaign to raise money from the private sector.

This endeavor is the most ambitious in the college’s history, and will afford rewarding opportunities for individuals, families, corporations and private foundations to fund groundbreaking educational initiatives, provide the latest in classroom and laboratory technologies, help strengthen instructional quality, provide needed scholarships and endow the future of community-based learning throughout the Capital Region.

Recognition and Thanks

Philanthropic gifts from our alumni and friends, faculty and staff, and corporate and community partners help ensure the continuation of excellence as we pursue fulfillment of our overall mission. We are forever grateful for the tireless support we receive from so many across the campus community, the Capital Region, and beyond. In recognition of annual, lifetime, and testamentary giving, the college warmly welcomes donors as members of the following societies: