Intramural Sports

2009 - 2010 Champoins

Pumpkin Palooza Results
Thank you to everyone who participated in the First Annual Pumpkin Palooza on Oct. 29, 2009. The pumpkins were very impressive and all reflected high levels of creativity and school spirit.

1st Place- "S.S. Registrar" - (Registrar's Office)
2nd Place- "HVCC Collage" - (Chris Ballester)

1st Place- "Drew the Viking" - (Financial Aid Office)
2nd Place- "Project Aware" - (Project Aware)

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2007 - 2008 Champions

Home Run Derby Max Keado
Frisbee Golf Rachel Dooley
Volleyball Wimmer’s All-Stars
Racquetball Ben Fredette
Free Throw Contest Ryan Luce
Three-Point Contest Dean Lieber
Sports Trivia Greg Foxx

March Madness 2008 Champions
"Go Army"

2005 - 2006 Champions

Home Run Derby Mike Debella
Frisbee Golf Pat Riley
Volleyball Wimmer’s All-Stars
Racquetball Brandon Friss
Free Throw Contest Will Mclaughlin
Three-Point Contest Damon Ambrosio
Sports Trivia James Lee Fobare

March Madness 2006 Champions
Dane Samuels
Ricky Johnson
Reggie Dorsainvil

2004 - 2005 Champions

Home Run Derby Joel Molina
Frisbee Golf Pat Riley
Volleyball Do It Up
Racquetball Brandon Friss
Free Throw Contest George Broons
Three-Point Contest George Broons
Sports Trivia James MacPherson

March Madness 2005 Champions
Mo Frye
Shea BLake
Chris Brooks