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Construction Projects

The following work was completed by the college's Physical Plant during summer 2014:

Parking Lots Refurbished
Refurbished four campus parking areas (lots A, H, J, and K) to include new pavement, stripping, LED exterior lighting, drainage and sidewalks. Approximately 30 parking lot lights across the campus were fitted with new energy efficient LED lights.

Campus-Wide Building Management System Upgraded
The campus-wide building management system that controls heating and cooling in campus facilities was upgraded.  The upgrade system will allow more centralized management of heating and cooling.

Campus Sidewalks Repaired
Repaired several sidewalks across campus were repaired, including sidewalks at the Bulmer Telecommunications Center, Administration Building and in front of the Campus Center.

Storm Sewer Repaired Along North Road
The drainage system along North Road and in I lot was repaired to reduce flooding during heavy rain.

Bruno Stadium Repairs Completed
Projects included repairing of loose rails in the stadium; repainting; upgrade and repairs to the electrical system; installation of floor drains on the mezzanine area to eliminate flooding in the suites; waterproofing exterior block; replacement of flooring in souvenir shop; and the installation of a new awning to eliminate water infiltration in office area.  

Bulmer Auditorium Lighting Upgraded
A new lighting system was installed in the auditorium to provide a more reliable, energy efficient system.

Higbee Hall Design Work Begun;  Floors, Stairs Refurbished
Began design for a renovation of the Higbee computer room and the surrounding area to improve efficiency and office flow.  In addition, new paint, floors, stair treads and ceiling tiles were replaced in the building's halls and stairwells.

Hudson Hall Bathrooms Redone, New HVAC Unit in Art Studio
The men's and women's bathrooms in Hudson were refurbished.  Work included new tile, new fixtures and new toilet partitions. Also installed was a new heating and cooling unit in the art classroom to provide summer cooling and heat during cold winter temperatures.

McDonough and Amstuz Doors Replaced
Replaced several doors in each building with new fiberglass and aluminum doors.  Old doors were broken and rusted.  New doors are maintenance free and insulated to improve the look and efficiency of the buildings

McDonough Field House Lighting Improved
New lighting in the field house was installed to improve light quality and reduce maintenance.  The overhead scoreboard was also replaced with a new, wireless scoreboard and the hardwood gym floor was refinished.

Science Center Gets New Electric Feed
Installed a new National Grid electric feed to improve electrical service in the area.  The new Science Center load stressed the existing National Grid service so a new feeder was added to improve service to the Science Center and the surrounding area.

Science Center Construction
Completed Fall 2013
The Science Center opened for the beginning of the Fall 2013 semester. The building is aiming to achieve LEED silver certification, which will designate it as an energy efficient building. Mosaic Associates of East Greenbush, NY, served as the lead firm and architect of record for the Science Center. They worked with design and engineering experts from Payette and Vanderweil of Boston, and Ryan-Biggs and The LA Group from the Capital Region. U.W. Marx Construction Company was the project manager.

South Drive Reconstruction
Completed Summer 2013
During the summer of 2013, South Drive was widened from Vandenburgh Avenue to the east entrance to the parking garage. The roadway now consists of three lanes of traffic with two lanes exiting campus and one lane entering from Route 4.

Cross Road Reconstruction
Completed Fall 2013
Work was completed on a project that will eliminate all vehicle traffic from the center of campus from Hudson Hall and the McDonough Sports Complex to Vandenburgh Avenue.

The project involved moving Cross Road behind those two buildings and creating a new pedestrian-friendly green space. Plantings, benches and seating areas adjacent to the student pavilion will expand the beauty and usefulness of that area of campus. This is the culmination of a decade-long process to increase green space and move vehicle traffic to the perimeter of campus.

There is now a drop off circle in front of McDonough and another drop off area south of Higbee Hall.

The project also included modifications to the loading area behind the Campus Center as well as reconfiguration of two existing staff parking areas.