Dwight Marvin Library

Instructional Services for Students

Library Instruction
Library Instruction program is tailored to meet the faculty objectives for a specific course. The instruction session is arranged by a faculty member and a librarian.

This assignment is distributed to many English Composition classes.

This assignment is distributed to many College Forum classes.

College Forum
The library presentation to College Forum classes introduces first-year students to library resources and college level research. Guided tours are meant to familiarize students with the many different service areas of the library.

Individual Library Instruction
Individual Library Instruction sessions are available to students or small groups. Students work one-on-one with a librarian for an hour. Sign up 24 hours in advance to take advantage of this service by inquiring at the Reference Desk or complete your request online.

English 115: Library Skills for Research
English 115: Library Skills for Research is a seven-week, one-credit, transferable course. Taught by a faculty librarian, this course offers a more in-depth introduction to library research than is possible in a one-hour library instruction class.