Dwight Marvin Library

Lockers Available in the Marvin Library

Eight lockers are available on the first floor of Marvin Library for same-day use by current Hudson Valley Community College students.

Access to lockers will only be permitted during regular library hours. To use a locker, borrow a key from the circulation desk by presenting your student ID card. Students may use only one locker at a time.

Locker contents must be emptied and the key returned before the library closes. Items left overnight will be removed and sent to Public Safety or placed in the library lost and found for retrieval. Users who leave contents in lockers may have their locker privileges revoked at the discretion of the library director or circulation librarian. No unchecked library items or reserve textbooks may be stored in lockers. Items stored must be in compliance with the College Code of Conduct and Campus Regulations.

A replacement charge of $10 will be posted to the student's account for the failure to return a locker key within 48 hours. Users who fail to return a locker key will lose their locker privileges immediately until the key is returned or the replacement fee is paid. Unauthorized duplication of keys is prohibited.

In case of accidental loss of a locker key, the locker will be opened by library staff and the contents turned over to the claimant only if positive photo identification can be presented to verify the identity of the key borrower. Library staff may open lockers at any time to inspect contents under reasonable suspicion of violation of this policy.

The college and Marvin Library are not responsible the loss, theft or damage of any personal property that is stored in lockers.

Last updated August 2010