Dwight Marvin Library

Instructional Services for Faculty

Library Instruction Program
The Library Instruction Program orients and instructs classes on the resources, facilities, and services of the library. Library instruction classes are tailored to meet the instructor's objectives. These sessions can take place in the Multi-Purpose Room (a multi-media classroom) on the main level of the Library, in a smart classroom, or a computer lab. Faculty members must remain with their classes. Faculty presence and participation during class instruction can assist librarians to focus on course objectives. General introductory presentations are also available for College Forum classes. These presentations provide an overview of available library services and basic general research. Library Instruction Coordinator Robert Matthews works closely with faculty to assess what they require. You may contact him at (518) 629-7392 or complete the online request form.

The following prepared library assignments may be used in conjunction with:
English Composition
College Forum

Individual Library Instruction
Librarians also offer Individual Library Instruction (ILI) to those students requesting extra research help. If a student needs individual instruction and would benefit from an hour, one-on-one session with a librarian, faculty members may inform students that there is a sign-up sheet for ILI at the Reference Desk. Students should sign up 24 hours before their intended session.

Library as a Classroom
An increasing number of instructors are bringing their classes to the library to do independent research. At the same time these classes are using the library, the needs of students not in the group must be considered, and a quiet study atmosphere must be maintained. In order to make this possible, the following library policy has been adopted:

  • It is recommended that faculty planning a class meeting in the library notify Reference (ext. 7337) at least 24 hours in advance indicating the class time and the purpose of the visit.
  • The instructor must stay with the group and maintain an acceptable classroom atmosphere. Activities not tolerated in the classroom are not acceptable in the Library.
  • The instructor should arrange to work with the students at a location that does not interfere with regular reference and circulation desk activities.

English 115: Library Skills for Research
The English Department and the Library sponsor a one-credit class called “Library Skills for Research.” Taught by a faculty librarian, this course offers a more in-depth introduction to library research than is possible in a one hour library instruction class.