Environmental Science (A.S.)

Forest Technology

Hudson Valley Community College provides the appropriate course work for the first year of the Forest Technology Program. The second year is spent at the Wanakena Ranger School, and an Associate Degree is granted through SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry.

First year courses include:

Biology I & II w/ Lab 8 credits BIOL151 & BIOL150 or BIOL191 & BIOL190
Economics 3 credits ECON100 or ECON101
English w/ Focus on Writing 3 credits ENGL101 or ENGL102 or ENGL104 or ENGL107 or ENGL108
Literature w/ Focus on Writing 3 credits Any ENGL prefixed course approved for the SUNY General Education Humanities requirement
Electives 10 credits * See chart below
Trigonometry 3 credits MATH150 or MATH160 or MATH175 or MATH176 or MATH180 


Chemistry I w/ Lab 4 credits CHEM110 or CHEM120
**General Education requirement - American History 3 credits  
**General Education requirement - The Arts 3 credits  
**General Education requirement - Other World Civilization 3 credits  
**General Education requirement - Western Civilization 3 credits  
Pre-Calculus 3 credits MATH160

** Choose one course from the list of approved General Education courses from Hudson Valley Community College.