Information Technology Services (ITS)

WebMail (Email) for Students and Employees

Email Conversion Notice

On May 27, 2016, all college email services transitioned to Office 365. Gmail and Zimbra no longer receive email.

There was no change in your email address or password. However, to log into Office 365 you will need to use your full email address (e.g. as your username.

Email, contacts and calendar data has been migrated to Office 365.

  • Briefcase: If you had files stored in your Zimbra Briefcase, the contents were exported in a .zip file and placed in your H: drive under H:\zimbra_briefcase_export.
  • Mail Filters: You will need to re-establish mail filters (now called Rules) in Office 365 Mail.
  • Personally Shared Folders and Calendars: You will need to re-share email folders and personal calendars in Office 365.
  • Department Shared Calendars: ITS has migrated and re-established permissions in Office 365 Calendar.

How to access your email in a web browser

Visit Enter your full college email address (e.g. and press enter on your keyboard. You will be redirected to another login screen with a similar message to the following:

WebMail Login Screen

Enter your username and password and click OK. You are now logged in and will be redirected to your WebMail inbox.

Internet Explorer (IE) Users: If you are using IE on a campus computer in VDI, you will not see this pop up.

How to access your email on a mobile device

Follow the steps outlined below for your specific device. If you had your Gmail or Zimbra account connected to your device already, please delete the account prior to setting up your Office 365 account.