Information Technology Services (ITS)

About ITS

The goal of Information Technology Services (ITS) is to create and sustain a technological environment that is supportive of the academic and administrative needs of Hudson Valley Community College. Recognizing the rapid pace of change inherent in the field, ITS is committed to the continuous review and assessment of existing and new technologies, and to the systematic upgrading and evolution of the college's technological infrastructure, while simultaneously providing support and assistance to the user community.

The ITS department is fully engaged in providing secure, scalable, user-friendly technology that is based in physical and geographic redundancy to achieve the highest level of business continuity in support our academic and administrative users, especially those learning and teaching at a distance.

ITS is also committed to maintaining an effective IT workforce and providing the highest level of support for storage redundancy and backup services to ensure data accuracy and integrity of academic and administrative records in addition to disaster recovery.


Jonathan Brennan Chief Information Officer (518) 629-7311
Sarah Garrand Deputy Chief Information Officer (518) 629-7311
Carlene Sheehan Coordinator of Information Technology Services (518) 629-7289
Kevin Yukie Manager of Network and Systems (518) 629-7775
Darren Ceccucci Manager of Client Support Services (518) 629-7745
Kimberly Student Program Assistant (518) 629-7254

Client Support Services - Help Desk: (518) 629-7364

David Alber Senior Microcomputer Technician (518) 629-7733
Graham Heaslip Microcomputer Technician (518) 629-4809
Frank Montanaro Senior Microcomputer Technician (518) 629-7280
Nasir Khan Microcomputer Technician (518) 629-7770
Michael DeFazio Microcomputer Technician (518) 629-7744

Development & Functional Support

Meta Quell Supervising Computer Programmer Analyst (518) 629-7286
Jeremy Bristol Senior Computer Programmer Analyst (518) 629-7284
James LaRocque Computer Programmer Analyst (518) 629-7242
Sandy Miller Functional Support Specialist (518) 629-4597
Lori Leicht Functional Support Specialist (518) 629-7604

Network and Systems: Infrastructure

William Jojo, Jr. Senior Systems/Network Specialist II (518) 629-7540
Peter Sheeran Senior Systems and Network Specialist I (518) 629-8150
George Weinisch Senior Systems and Network Specialist II (518) 629-7504
Ryaz Khan Senior Systems & Network Specialist (518) 629-8086
Daryl Ryan Systems and Network Specialist (518) 629-7744
Robin Webbe Systems and Network Specialist (518) 629-7351
Calvin Reedy Systems and Network Specialist (518) 629-7814
Suzanne Glaude Web Site Specialist (518) 629-4808
Halea Dickinson Lead Web Developer (518) 629-7516
Stephen Kevlin Web Developer (518) 629-7283

Network and Systems: Networking and Telecommunications

Christopher Cole Senior Telecommunications Specialist (518) 629-7237
Gary Cellucci Data/Voice Communication Technician (518) 629-7587
Michael Gleason Network and Telecommunications Specialist (518) 629-7517
Michael Dunphy Networking Field Technician (518) 629-7578
Susan Robidoux Telephone Operator (518) 629-7311