Instructional Support Services and Retention

Retention Programs

Other Collaborative Programs and Efforts

The Office of Instructional Support Services and Retention collaborates with other offices on a variety of projects in an effort to target identified student populations or needs on campus, a few of those projects include:

24B Outreach - an outreach program designed to provide on-going contact to students who enter the college in the 24 credit-hour program. A collaborative initiative by Retention Services and the Individual Studies Department.

Athlete Retention Program - a multi-faceted program that provides academic support and mentoring for student athletes. A collaborative initiative by the Learning Assistance Center and the Athletic Department.

CASP Math Outreach – the Collegiate Academic Support Program encourages students who enrolled at the college with a GED diploma to obtain help with mathematics courses. GED recipients that received a College Success Referral System letter for a math class are called by a math specialist and a letter introducing CASP and the math support available is sent to other students with GEDs.

CET Faculty Mentor Program - funding for faculty to serve as mentors in the Faculty Resource Room, assisting classroom faculty in the use of instructional technology and incorporating activities that promote active, student-centered learning. A collaborative initiative by Retention Services and the Center for Effective Teaching (CET).

College Success – a portal organization developed and maintained by faculty mentors in the Center for Effective Teaching. Resources include materials and links on a variety of topics and issues, as well as discussion threads for faculty and advisors to share best practices and new ideas and offer peer support.

College Success Referral System Lists – academic department chairs and various student support offices receive lists of students in their programs that were sent a College Success Referral System letter by the fifth week of classes. This information is used by chairs, academic advisors and support staff when they assist these students develop strategies to succeed.