Instructional Support Services and Retention

Institutional Commitment to Student Success

Hudson Valley Community College is committed to providing caring, personal, high-quality service at a reasonable cost to support students’ success in reaching and raising their goals.

The Statement of Commitment can be found in the [Loading About Hudson Valley Community College linkā€¦] section of the College Catalog.

In fulfillment of the above, Hudson Valley frames, interprets and achieves its support for students’ success through the following Institutional Commitment to Student Success:

Hudson Valley Community College is committed to maximizing student success and retention through the development of a system of structured academic experiences, a student-centered campus culture, and strategies for purposeful student engagement.

To support a campus infrastructure dedicated to student success, the institution will:

  1. Provide leadership responsible for increasing campus awareness of student success and retention issues, disseminating available institutional retention data, and establishing benchmarks and goals for student retention;
  2. Adopt a coordinated, multi-layered approach to supporting students’ transition to college;
  3. Provide appropriate learning settings for a diverse student population;
  4. Provide opportunities for social interaction and institutional gatherings;
  5. Analyze students’ patterns of enrollment and achievement to identify factors affecting academic success;
  6. Provide a comprehensive network of well-aligned and proactive student support services;
  7. Use data tracking to document the outcomes of student retention programs and interventions;
  8. Engage and support faculty and staff in the development of strategies and practices that promote student engagement, success, and retention;
  9. Support the assessment of programs and services to measure their impact on student engagement, success, and retention; and
  10. Ensure that all members of the campus community understand their roles and responsibilities in student retention by focusing attention on a positive campus environment, thorough assessment of academic programs and support services, planning and budgeting processes based on evidence of student success, and adjustment of administrative practices and policies in support of student success and retention.

These goals are achieved through a wide variety of efforts that support students. They may target populations based on program of study, enrollment in specific courses, or attrition risk factors, or develop from innovations in one office or department to become best practices emulated across campus. Instructional Support Services and Retention invites feedback from the campus community to make the list of student success efforts complete.

Institutional Commitment to Student Success Efforts

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